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Who's Who?

This is just a quick guide to who's who in Elftown. I used to have comprehensive lists of names, but because those lists get updated frequently, I'm just going to link to the official pages for those people, where you can get much more information anyways. ^_^


<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Mayor of Elftown makes sure everything is running smoothly, and fixes problems when they arise.

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Vicemayor does the same things as the mayor, and manages Elftown when the mayor is away.

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Town Guards are there to enforce Elftown rules, remove stolen artwork, settle disputes, and maintain the integrity of Elftown.

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Patrollers help the Town Guards by talking with members who have uploaded illegal artwork.

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Featured Image Bosses choose what art to feature on Mainstreet.

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Daily Poem Bosses choose what poems will be featured on Mainstreet.

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Wiki Bosses help maintain the official Elftown wiki-pages and help members with wiki-page problems.

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The ElfChat Bosses help maintain Elftown's own chat, Elfchat!

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Featured Wiki Bosses choose what wiki-pages will be featured each month.

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Featured Member Bosses choose what Elftown member will be featured for some time.


Go or return to:

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The wiki-index
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The Complete Newbie ET Guide index
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The list of guided tours
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> Elftown - Help
<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> The help index

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2004-01-31 [Kaimee]: oooh lookit! my name! =^_______________^= how brilliant!

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