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Creature Art Contest!
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Welcome to the creature art contest! This is a themed and ongoing art contest. Every new period I'll post a theme - it can be an excisting creature or just a description of a creature I've made up or heard about. Your job is to draw, photograph or sculp this creature as close to the description and as nicely as you can.
I ([Zab]) will chose a favourite and a poll will decide a winner. The winner gets the honour and some sort of badge. ;)


A maximum of 2 entries per person and theme.
All visible art, such as paintings, photos, sculptures, photomanipulations is welcome.
No stealing art, of course. It has to be entirely made by you.
For photos and manipulations, only use photos you have taken yourself, no bought or given stock photos.
Don't beg for votes in the poll, advertizing the poll is alright.
Since it is creatures, clothes are not necessary. Neither are visible genitals so just keep it child-friendly.
Well, just be nice and civilized :)



It is a creature designed by man by crossing reindeer and wolf DNA. One would think tat it would divide into neat pieces, easily distinguished as ''wolf'' or ''deer'', but nature is and will always be unpredictable. Some parts, like the antlers, hind cloves or the height seems easy to recognize as a reindeer, while others, like the clawed front paws or nose definetly looks wolfish. But then there are yet again other parts that is difficult to recognize so easily.
The creature is a predator but also a draft animal. Designed to pull sleighs or carts as well as protecting it's owners and bring food for itself and for them. Naturally, some escaped....


March 15 2012


<img100*0:stuff/owchUnictitled-1.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/winUnictitled-1.jpg>

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