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Creature Art Contest!
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Contest created by [Zab]
Contest host: [Nocturnaliss]

Welcome to the creature art contest! This is a themed and ongoing art contest. Every new period a theme will be posted - it can be an existing creature or just a description of a creature made up or heard about. Your job is to draw, photograph or sculpt this creature as close to the description and as nicely as you can.

A "host's favourite" will be chosen by [Nocturnaliss], and a poll will decide the ultimate winner. The winner gets the honour and some sort of badge. ;)


A maximum of 2 entries per person and theme.
All visible art, such as paintings, photos, sculptures, photomanipulations is welcome.
No stealing art, of course. It has to be entirely made by you.
For photos and manipulations, only use photos you have taken yourself, no bought or given stock photos.
Don't beg for votes in the poll, advertizing the poll is alright.
Since it is creatures, clothes are not necessary. Neither are visible genitals so just keep it child-friendly.
Well, just be nice and civilized :)



A noble creature often depicted in family crests and fantasy litterature, the griffon is part feline, part bird, uniting those animals' best qualities into a single fantastical creature. Commonly represented as a half-lion half-eagle, the terms 'feline' and 'bird' are broad enough to give you a chance to create the most unique griffon ever seen...


Closed!! Wait For New Theme!!!

Voting rules: please don't vote for yourself, as that is very wrong, and we'll know anyway; also, don't go and ask people to vote for you: it's not a popularity contest. Now go ahead ;)

Additionnally, the host will NOT vote, since she gets to pick a favourite anyway. Should the favourite win, then the host's choice badge will go to the runner-up, to keep things fair.

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The Winners!!!

The Poll Winner: [Zab]'s <img200*0:> as <img:>

Host's Favorite: [Eyonic]'s <img200*0:> as <img:>


The Entries

1. [Triola] - "Repose"

2. [Zab] - "Snowwy"

3. [XxTsomexX] - "Majestic"

4. [Eyonic] - "Watching"

5. [Bipolar Nonsense]- "Eukon Portrait"



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