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2006-10-02 07:21:13
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<img:img/drawing/97422_1105133299.jpg>Ju-lay's Crew Application!<img:img/drawing/97422_1105133299.jpg>


Who is this?

This is [Particle Girl]. I've been a member of Elftown since 2003, and I love it here! While I am a little sad to see less art in the town, I have been here for 3 years, made a few friends, had a LOT of fun, ran a few wikis and would like to give back to the community.

What has she done?

<img:stuff/bullet_8.gif>I started the now-defunct Painters United wiki for people to goof around. The page changed owners a few times.

<img:stuff/bullet_8.gif>I am running the Nintendo WiFi network of wikis right now . We're off to a slow start since not a lot of people play DS, but I think it's going to work out nicely.

<img:stuff/bullet_8.gif>I support the Take Elftown Back campaign and I report any illegal art I see. To date, I have reported 74 users.

<img:stuff/bullet_8.gif>Forums are probably my weak point, since I don't use them as much, but I can definetly learn more about them if needed.

<img:stuff/bullet_8.gif>I am pretty good with HTML code.

<img:stuff/bullet_8.gif>I have donated a few images to Elftown Graphics , all from original photography. They can be seen at ET Dividers 5.

What will she do and for how long?

I'm open to anything, really. I always have time to spend online, so I can't really see a time limit in the near future.


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