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One of my favorite sculpts in my “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Collection is my Buffy Series 2 Spike figure. I’ve had the figure for quite some time now, having received it as a gift way back in the day when I was just first becoming obsessed with all things “Buffy.” It was no secret to my family and friends that Spike was my favorite character, and I know that the look of shock and excitement that must have been on my face as I opened up my new action figure of Spike must have made it pretty clear to all there how grateful I was to be receiving such a treasure.

The Buffy Series 2 Spike figure is essentially the version of Spike from Season Two of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” In each Season of “Buffy,” there is some sort of “ultimate evil” that Buffy and the Scoobie Gang need to defeat by the end of the Season. In the First Season, it was The Master, in the Second Season it was Spike (and Drusilla), in the Third Season it was The Mayor, and so on and so forth. Despite how Spike finishes up the series with some major personal growth, in Season Two, he is as bad as he ever was which is really pretty incredibly bad. 

With features and a style almost duplicating those of Billy Idol, Spike definitely rocked the “bad-boy” look. This look includes Spike’s usual attire; black leather pants, black boots to match, his signature red button-down shirt (another shirt, black, beneath that), and the black leather jacket that he is so often seen wearing in the show. 

Articulation for the Buffy Series 2 Spike figure is pretty wonderful and he has about thirteen points of articulation which include his neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees. This allows for near-full pose-ability with this figure, and for the positions that the Buffy Series 2 Spike figure will not stand on its own for, there is the base that comes with the figure. This base is made to look like the Sunnydale Graveyard (or really, any cemetery, I suppose), and by that I mean it is sculpted to include such things as dark dirt, rocks, and a headstone. However, the Buffy Series 2 Spike figure does come with a nice assortment of accessories, though his hands are not sculpted to properly hold any of them, which makes them all rather useless as far as for display purposes.

As for accessories, the Buffy Series 2 Spike figure comes with a nice arsenal that includes the railroad spike for which he is named after, an axe, a large dagger, a fireplace poker, a cloaked cross, and more. 

Despite the fact that the Buffy Series 2 Spike figure cannot hold any of the accessories with which it comes, the Buffy Series 2 Spike figure is still a great one, and so far, is my favorite sculpt of Spike. For true fans and collectors of “Buffy,” I do recommend this figure!

/ [Nioniel]

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