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2006-10-06 14:07:19
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Brushes-to make one in PS

This is a tutorial for Adobe Photoshop, on how to make your own personal brush in the program. It works for PS 7, I don't know about the other versions.
I'm afraid it looks very messy.. but I tried to make it clearer by writing numbers and arrows under the text, to say which text is to which image, and in which order you should read.
Also a special thanks to [Elegy - gone] who taght me to make brushes. Thank you!


This tutorial is made by [Zab]



[note:] When I say ''delete all brushes from the list'' I mean those in the list you get when you right-click on the image with the brush tool, not the one in the list where you save.:)


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2006-10-10 [Cia_mar]: coll it worked on my version too

2006-10-10 [Zab]: Good! :D

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