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Brother Wind By Sue Harrison review

(#3 in that series)

Possible Spoilers Ahead, but not as many as before.

Of all 3 books in the series, this one is my favorite. It's way too complicated to try to summarize it... more complicated than the first two. They introduced more characters, so there's more sub-plot. But all the characters are still well written, you still get a feeling that you know them. As usual Kiin has to endure some horrible things and there's still no polar bear when you need one (though, a walrus does kill a guy! Not the guy you want to die, but that's the way it goes ain't it?). The author does a nice job of eventually tying up all the loose ends, wrapping the story into a neat little package at the end.

I love the last two paragraphs of the book. I thought that was a really nice way to end it all, even if I have seen other writers use that tactic.

The trilogy over all is a nice light read. It's not deep literature, it's not complicated to understand when you are reading the actual book (I know my reviews left a different impression). If you read right before you go to sleep they are a good choice. You won't make yourself more alert trying to figure out what the author is talking about. Despite that though, the story I engaging, and even though I've read them before I was still so wrapped up in the story I stayed up reading a little later than I wanted with these.
/ [hanhepi]

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