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2009-02-02 18:31:41
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Bride Wars review

This past Friday I saw Bride Wars with a friend of mine: [rainbow band-aid taco box]

This movie was something I thought would be kind of stupid,but turned out to be absolutely amazing!!

There were parts in the movie(the whole thing) when we were laughing and pointing out that it could be us in a few years if we ever decided to marry someone.

Like the part where the Emma character colored Liv's hair Blue or when Liv switched tanners on Emma.

We would SO do that to each other!!! it was hilarious!!!

When Liv's hair was turned and blue and she was like,"Friends wouldn't dye another friend's hair blue," We were like,"Yeah we would!! If it would look cute!!"

so this is my 1st epic review.

peace out, nation.
/ [Junko987]

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