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Enter books in which a Dragon or Dragons are the main character or one of the main characters here:

Books about DRAGONS

Shining Armor by Amy Keeley
Find it at Smashwords:
Or find it on Kindle

Dragon rider by Cornelia Funke

Dealing with Dragons, the Enchanted Forest Series, by Patricia Wrede

The Dragon and the George, the dragon knight series, by Gordon R. Dickson

Magic Kingdom For Sale Sold (Magic Kingdom of Landover series)by Terry Brooks

Dragons's Gold, Adventures of Kelvin of Rud series by Piers Anthony and Robrt E Magrofe

The Dragonriders of Pern series, by Anne McCaffrey (I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS WASN'T ALREADY UP HERE!!!!!)

Eragon and Eldest by Christopher Paolini

The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe'

Dragon Tails a Web Commic

Blanco's Dragon Tails a web book

The Three little Pigs, David Wiesner

Jane and the Dragon , Martin Baynton

Dragon Chronicles by Dugald A Steer

Dragon Chronicles by Susan Fletcher

Dragon Knights by Mineko Ohkami

Popcorn Dragon, Jane Thayer illustrated by Lisa McCue

The Dragons are Singing Tonight Poems by Jack Prelutsky, Pictures by Peter Sis


Video Games

Dragon Video Games

NOT Video Games

Dragon Games Not Vidio


Movies about Dragons

TV Shows

Dragon TV shows

Music and Poetry

Dragon Music and Poetry

deffinatly check out:


Other Dragonish books etc.

This category is for things that feature dragons, but they aren't the main character/attraction.
Dragon Star Gazing

heavenly sights that dragons enjoy

Dragon Vacation places

Places & sights that dragons enjoy

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2006-11-20 [purelily]: I love that three little pig book. Don't know if the Dragon in it appears in the pig sight but once he appears in the book he becomes a main character I think. 

2007-02-11 [kris3eck]: hi

2013-04-04 [purelily]: The new book I found on Kindle is in my opinion a really good read. The Dragons are another race from another place and are here on earth studying us. Like one would a lab rat. LOL. It is also a romance novel.
 I hope to read more by this author!

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