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2010-03-26 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks. I noticed later....

hmmm.....I would add them. I mean, what harm could it do besides adding extra links?

Also: what do you do if you don't quite know what the genre of your book is?

2010-03-26 [Linderel]: Huh. I just read an essay on that book. On its way of representing AAVE, to be more specific.

2010-03-26 [SilverFire]: [*Phoenix*] - google/wikipedia it? :P

harm could it do besides adding extra links?

Beside that, not a lot, but I'm really not a fan of having extra links, and it's silly to create a page for something that's only ever going to get, say, 4 reviews in it. IF you make too many, at some point sub-pages stop being useful, and just start being hassle.

2010-03-27 [*Phoenix*]: hmm. okies.

true, true. sometimes it can be a hassle. esp. if you have slow internet....

2010-03-27 [*Phoenix*]: I've added my genres! :)

2010-03-27 [SilverFire]: Thanks... but, where? On the reviews themselves, or...? :)

2010-03-27 [*Phoenix*]: in the description......

both of mine are young adult/fantasy..I'll go ahead and add it to the pages.

2010-03-27 [SilverFire]: Please don't. I still don't know what you're talking about, sorry. :/ You mean you added them to the page? but I'm the last editor, so I guess you can't mean that...) You added it to the comments that list your review? Or where? :/

2010-03-27 [*Phoenix*]: Sorry. I did make it sound confusing. I added it to MY reviews under the "60 word description of page" and I'm going to add it to the review under the title, does that make sense now?

Also, if it's a magna does that have to be added to the review as a genre now that it has its own page?

2010-03-27 [SilverFire]: Okay, totally with you now. :) Thanks (for adding the info, and for explaining repeatedly :P) And yes, if it's a manga, new reviews should go to the comics and manga review section, not the book section anymore. I think I moved all your manga reviews from here already, though? Or did I miss some?

2010-03-27 [*Phoenix*]: Good! Okies, so I won't add the genre to those then. No, you got all mine. :)

2010-04-10 [Duke Devlin]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> R.D Jahn; Acts of Violence review A tale of a murder, and the Bystander & Ripple effects.

2010-04-15 [Caterin S.]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> James Clavell: Gai-Jin review A massive historical novel of Japan at 1860s

2010-06-16 [another brick in the wall]: just to give a testimony to anyone that wonders if people actually read these reviews, I have just read the Leviathan after seeing [Akayume]'s review on it. Never would have heard of such a book otherwise. so thank you, Elftown staff that made these reviews possible. ^^

2010-06-28 [Akayume]: It is an amazing book. (:

2010-07-26 [SilverFire]: Amg. Now we have to reviews of the same book (Frankenstein). :3 W00t. Also, just so people know, I'm going to start deleting the comments linking to reviews after I add them to the pages, just so I don't come back here when a new review gets posted and forget which ones I've dealt with.

And just so I know that this is the comment after which reviews have not been added, I'm going to bold it and stuff <_<.

2010-07-26 [*Phoenix*]: *laughs* We so do now! Now I have to read the other. *scampers off*

2011-01-03 [Viking]: Is this page being neglected, or is it just my reviews? =P

2011-04-21 [SilverFire]: Err, sorry, I deleted a load of comments so that I could get all the reviews I thought I needed to add on one comment page before realising that I'd already added half of them. >_<

2011-04-21 [SilverFire]: I refuse to post reviews by the author of the work. They're not reviews, they're propaganda. :P

2011-05-12 [SilverFire]: Added. :)

2011-05-26 [Ms. Steel]: Those bookmarks are turning out quite nicely.

2011-05-26 [Dark Side of the Moon]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> "Sister Carrie" - Theodore Dreiser review A great but under-rated book of human tragedy

2011-05-26 [Lord Josmar]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber review Zombies meet Starwars

2011-05-26 [hanhepi]: the "Children and Teen Lit" bookmark goes to an empty page.

2011-05-26 [SilverFire]: Fix0red, thanks. :3

2011-05-26 [SilverFire]: Hmm... may have to make a new section for poetry. X_x

2011-05-26 [Akayume]: Yes. :( I sowwy. I've done a few poetry reviews before.

2011-05-26 [SilverFire]: Yeah, but they can usually go somewhere else, too - usually classics - but I think Eliot is a bit too modern for that. :P

2011-05-26 [Linderel]: Classic enough to be covered in the poetry section of our IntroLit course. :P Then again, most of the people covered on that course are 20th century peeps. Hmm.

2011-05-26 [SilverFire]: Usually anything post WWI gets called a 'modern classic' here. I guess Eliot's on the cusp of that. Maybe I should just decide whether I'm going to bother distinguishing classic/modern classic at all.

2011-05-26 [Akayume]: Or you could just make a poetry section. :P (Since I plan in reviewing modern - as in written in the last ten years - poetry soon.)

2011-05-27 [Madhalf Heatlump]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> ERB: The Man Who Created Tarzan review An amazing biography of Edgar Rice Burroughs. A must read!

2011-05-27 [SilverFire]: Added. :)

2011-05-28 [Karithina]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> I Never Promised You a Rose Garden review Girl suffering from schizophrenia living in another world.

2011-05-29 [Lord Josmar]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> The Child Thief by Brom review A Dark Fantasy twist on the classic Peter Pan

2011-05-30 [SilverFire]: All added. :3

2011-05-30 [Linderel]: Yay! It's so much prettier now. :3

2011-05-31 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> The God of Small Things review The somewhat twisted story about a set of twins.

2011-05-31 [Eyden13]: I really like what you guys have done here!

2011-06-01 [SilverFire]: Updated. :)

2011-06-03 [SilverFire]: Added. :)

2011-06-03 [Nioniel]: Thank you. ^^

2011-06-05 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> T. H. White: The Once and Future King review Epic novel seriers on King Arhur with a twist of humour

2011-06-05 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court review A 19th century man takes over King Arthur's England

2011-06-08 [Viking]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Sanderson - The Way of Kings review The beginning of a epic.

2011-06-08 [Karithina]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Everett; Don't Sleep There Are Snakes review Missionary in Brazil: linguistics, culture, loses faith.

2011-06-11 [Lord Josmar]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> The Devil's Rose by Brom review The story of Cole Mcgee, The Devil's Soulhunter

2011-06-11 [Lord Josmar]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> The Plucker by Brom review Toys fight against an evil spirit

2011-06-12 [SilverFire]: Updated. :)

2011-06-15 [Akayume]: Also: You should have a list of the artists! I know some of the artists involved, but I'd love to check out the work of the others. (:

2011-06-19 [Karithina]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> The Bizarro Starter Kit (Blue) review An introduction to, and a collection of, truly weird stories

2011-06-19 [Karithina]: Aaaand it posted blank somehow, I'll try and fix it :S; EDIT: I put a space after the name, entirely my fault!

2011-06-20 [SilverFire]: I was going to add the list of artists after all the bookmarks were complete. (Page updated, too).

2011-06-22 [Akayume]: Oh là là ! I am excited to see [SilverFire]. (:

2011-06-27 [SilverFire]: Updated. :)

2011-06-27 [Viking]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Foglio - Agatha H. and the Airship City review GirlGeniusOnline in Novel format

2011-06-28 [SilverFire]: Updated. :3

2011-07-02 [Caterin S.]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Paulo Coelho: Zahir review Coelho and his philosophic book are great - like always

2011-07-03 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Paulo Coelho: Pilgrimage review Coelho's journey won't leave you cold

2011-07-03 [Caterin S.]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Paulo Coelho: Eleven minutes review The ultimate book of love from Coelho

2011-07-03 [Viking]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Jones - The Desert of Souls review Modern fantasy in the Arabian Nights tradition.

2011-07-08 [SilverFire]: Updated. :)

2011-07-15 [SilverFire]: Updated. :)

2011-07-16 [Mortified Penguin]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> The Hobbit review A classic tale of adventure written by J. R. R. R. R. R..etc

2011-07-21 [Caterin S.]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Scott Lynch: The Lies of Locke Lamora review What a joyful book to read!

2011-07-21 [Caterin S.]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> Michael Scott: The Alchemyst review Boring characters, boring plot.

2011-07-23 [SilverFire]: Updated. :)

2011-07-27 [Alexi Ice]: 07-11 [Ms. Steel]:  The Scars by William Tennant review

Rating; Ok

Wasn't sure where to put this. Figured it best to let you mess with it ^^

2011-08-01 [Ms. Steel]: Oh, yeah-- sorry that I miscategorized it. Wasn't sure how to fix it. :-I

2011-08-02 [Alexi Ice]: Have I only reviewed the one book? I want to say there was more than that...*Searching*

2011-08-09 [Viking]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Martin - A Dance with Dragons review Story continues to get mired in pointless, intricate details

2011-08-10 [Skydancer]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> Whimsy Girl review Cute childrens book, but needs to be read by adult

2011-08-16 [Viking]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Dunsany - A Dreamer's Tales review Book of fantastic short stories.

2011-08-16 [Viking]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Hammett - The Maltese Falcon review Said to be the greatest crime novel ever written.

2011-08-22 [Caterin S.]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> K. Friman: Pohjoiset ennustukset 1 review Interesting story but should have been developed more

2011-08-22 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Tuija Lehtinen: Roskisprinssi review Funny story of a teenager who leaves everything behind

2011-08-22 [Caterin S.]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Andrae:Carl Barks and the Disney Comic Book review Everything a fan or scholar needs to know about Carl Barks

2011-08-29 [Caterin S.]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Neil Gaiman: American gods review A great story of the old gods and the new ones

2011-08-29 [Caterin S.]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Neil Gaiman: Anansi Boys review Another brilliant work from Gaiman

2011-08-29 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Paulo Coelho: The Witch of Portobello review Once again a beautiful book from Coelho

2011-08-29 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Michael Cunningham: The Hours review Fact and fiction create an interesting mixture

2011-08-30 [Ms. Steel]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> Horror, Humor, and Heroes by Jim Bernheimer review A so-so collections of short stories.

2011-09-30 [Avaz]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson review A fantasy tale about love, loss, struggle, and determination

2011-10-15 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Tad Williams: The Stone of Farewell review Darkness is rising and those capable start to join forces

2011-10-15 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Tad Williams: To Green Angel Tower: Siege review The battle for the freedom begins

2011-10-16 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Paulo Coelho: The Valkyries review Coelho never fails

2011-10-16 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Angie Sage: Magyk review A positive surprise from an unknown author

2011-10-22 [Ms. Steel]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Present at a Hanging by Ambrose Bierce. review Historic recollections of ghost stories.

2011-11-30 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Tad Williams: To Green Angel Tower: Storm review The final of the series was quite alright

2011-11-30 [Caterin S.]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Paulo Coelho: By the River Piedra... review A touching story of a long lost love

2011-11-30 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Timo Parvela: Tuliterä review A quite catchy revisit on the Kalevalan myth for kids

2011-12-14 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Stephen King: Bag of Bones review Once again King takes you to a shivering journey

2011-12-18 [Caterin S.]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Paulo Coelho: The Winner Stands Alone review Coelho surprises with different kind of story

2011-12-19 [Caterin S.]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> William Gibson: Neuromancer review Big hopes weren't satisfied

2011-12-24 [Viking]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Freeman - The Castings Trilogy review Pretty solid fantasy with interesting characters.

2012-01-31 [Linderel]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> Orlando by Virginia Woolf review This "biography" often left me scratching my head.

2012-02-12 [Ms. Steel]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> Unicorn Bait by S.A. Hunter. review Corny title, so-so story.

2012-02-17 [Nioniel]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Wintergirls review

2012-02-18 [Linderel]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Crow Lake by Mary Lawson review A wonderful debut from an author I will return to.

2012-04-12 [iippo]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Monsters and Mormons review Awesome short story collection of horror stories

2012-04-22 [Karithina]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb review Inspiring read, brought me back into fantasy

2012-05-17 [SilverFire]: Updated.

2012-06-01 [Celtore]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Irresistible Forces review Yummy

2012-06-21 [Celtore]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> See How She Dies review Thrilling

2013-01-03 [Viking]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Butcher - Death Masks review Possibly the best Dresden Files book (so far, anyway).

2013-01-04 [Nioniel]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Grey Eyes review

2013-05-01 [Ravenclaw]: Glad I'm not the only one who hated the Hunger Games.

2013-05-01 [Nioniel]: Seriously could barely finish it.

2013-05-02 [Alexi Ice]: Lol, Nioniel, I like the first one, loved the second one, but the third one made me want to eat glass.

2013-05-06 [Nioniel]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> Mockingjay review

2013-10-23 [Flisky]: <img:bad.gif> Hunger Games review

2013-11-19 [iippo]: Updated.

2013-12-23 [Lord Josmar]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> Krampus by Brom review Old rivalries erupt during Yuletime with violent results.

2014-01-08 [pegasus1000]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> Mistborn book 3: The Hero of Ages review A long read and predictable. I did like the twist at the end

2014-01-11 [CuteCommander]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers review One of the original fantasy novels

2014-01-14 [pegasus1000]: I got a bit mixed up with naming this one. :\

2014-01-29 [pegasus1000]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman review This book was so much better then American gods

2014-04-08 [pegasus1000]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> Myst - the book of Atrus review a re-read from when I was a kid. I still enjoy the book.

2015-01-03 [Mortified Penguin]: Ugh, I was hoping this section would completely die, so I would never have to do anything.

2015-01-03 [Viking]: Ha ha!

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