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The Book of Keraphia

A Tome of the Early Sylvans and a portion of the Grammaticum Primeaval


Appearance: Vibrant, sky-blue skin. Orange, yellow, white, black or brown hair. Long, face-length ears. Often tattooed, pierced, eccentric lifestyles, clothing, manners and habits.
Personality: Most Keraphians think of the multiverse as thier playground. They find joy in travel, and solice in bringing the message of their god, Keraph to the "lesser" beings in existence. Keraphians that choose the path of a spellcaster are among the most dedicated to the craft. Tirelessly researching and studying various arcane arts, holding ancient secrets, they become magic in themselves. The priests of Keraph are endowed with great power by thier god, though the priests tend to stay within the confines of their temples. Keraphians that are warriors are frightening individuals, using all of their natural talents with deadly precision. All Keraphians are very devout believers that you get what you give, which is why they tend to be good at whatever their endeavors. Thieves among Keraphians are unheard of, the great purge which split their kind into two groups made sure of that. There are many Keraphian bards, who mostly tell great stories and epic poems, rather than sing songs or play musical instuments. Their are also four laws which their god Keraph has handed down to them, dictating their behavior. This is why most people who meet a Keraphian is surprised at how noble and polite they are, even when they meet on a battlefield. 
Culture/Society: ...

   The Keraphians were a sylvan race, the ancient ancestors of Elves, Dryads, Genadai, and some other lineages. They were once incorporeal creatures, independent souls which existed in the Outer Realms until they chose to descend into mortal bodies. These Keraphians lived for a very long time, but passed on to continue through the Journey of the Soul for many millenia. Both Outsider and Mortal Keraphians have been found throughout the realms.

   The Keraphians and the Leshay (Epic Level Handbook), two clans (families, lineages, cultures, or other), did not get along. There was a big reason. It caused a major upheaval and big things happened, spurning the growth and expansion of this people and culture on Keraphia and/or abroad.

   At one point, while in the Realm of Fae (currently Faea'iir), the Unsidhe clans of Fae rose up against the Keraphians, and their only hope was one of faith, where they called upon their deity, (name - Keraph/Selen/Elishar/etc.), and its eternal power to overcome their enemies and triumph, building faith in their people once more.

   Legacy of the Keraphians : ...

   It was prophecied (along with many others, see below), that the star Selen would expand one day and consume the world of Keraphia. The astrologers and astronomers agreed, and it was decided the final fate of the Keraphian people. Those of true faith, who were involved in the event preceding the star's incredibly dynamic expansion (...) came together to pray with the powerful priests of their people, and the star swept quickly through the heavens in its relatively quick growth spurt (further fueled by the combined power of the Keraphian Priesthood), burning whole the world of the ancient fae race.

Prophecies of the First Sylvans:


Username (or number or email):


2006-11-14 [xido]: I have posted a Timeline of Jashnian Events when I had inspiration. Comment freely.

2006-11-14 [xido]: Also:
-GP Book 2- Book of Keraphia:
 -Leshay and Keraphian Clan Disputes
 -Unsidhe Uprisings
 -the early mortal Sylvans
 -an Empire of Legacy
 -Ascension into Fire and Immortality
 -Sylvan Prophecies

-GP Book 6- Book of the Sylvans (Grimoire Sylvanus, or Tome of the Sidhe):
 -Ascension of the Seldarine and Creation legends
 -Archedonis Celestialium, the Treatises of Celestia and Elysium
 -the first mortals, Keraphians and Leshay
 -the elven empires
 -the sylvan empires
 -the creation of Faea'iir
 -Treatise of Obad-Hai, Elohnna and Corellon Larethian
 -the Salvation and Protection of Eta Mer
 -the Order and History of Vxa and Aquaea

Language influence:
Sylvan Language and Script (Sidhe, Unsidhe, Keraphian, Leshay) An ancient tongue, from the first immortals.

-Keraphian (the language of the extinct Keraphians, as well as Krellians, their clockwork creation)(Keraphian, Krellian, Ancient Minotaur alphabet) - Keraphian Language and Script

Sylvan begat:
and Influenced Anakim,

How does Keraphian fit into the language setup, Matt?

2006-12-23 [xido]: Excellent! That's what I was hoping for. As for the Ancient Minotaur, I will work with you on its influences. I began with the seven ancient languages, and worked from there (Draconic, Sylvan, Titanic, Seraphim, Chaon, Laudin, and Arcanthium, all directly influenced by Aleph, the language of Creation). Because Zendelon came from another eon, it was in THAT realm that minotaur came to flourish, but at the beginning of time, only those seven were present, and I direct all other languages from influence or birth from these languages.

2007-01-17 [Torr-maat]: I'll eventually write about the Keraphians I just have to fill in the blanks in my head. oh and you can fit minotaur anywhere you can, you've spent more time on the languages so you'll probably know better than me. But I was thinking minoan came from maybe titan, but I'm not sure.

2007-01-22 [xido]: Okay.... so, say:

Sylvan > Keraphian > Krellian
Titanic > Minos (Anc.) > Minoan (Mod.)

2007-01-24 [Torr-maat]: I don't know man, you start getting that in depth and I get lost. I'll talk with you next time we get together.

2007-03-11 [Torr-maat]: Maybe I think that Minoan and Keraphian aren't connected, that wil make it a little easier for you...But Keraphian amd Krellian are connected that is for sure.

2007-03-11 [Torr-maat]: I'll put in more later...about the laws, and the purge as I called it. I think it will be a very intersting story...

2007-03-20 [xido]: I agree. I looked it all over again, and this is a fun idea for characters. I want to make a picture for them, like the Elftown Graphics head I have in my house. Super fun characters, those Keraphians...
I changed how the languages interact, above. I think that we can keep Minotaur language separated too, and then there will be less details of how they evolved with the cultures.

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