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Book of Dysphasia

A Tome of the Great Book, Grammaticum Primeaval

   - the first race of the Old Realm:

   "When the first Dysphasian migrants came upon the lands of legacy," writes Elvidorec of Midgaazj.
   "There were strange rune-glyphs, which we called the Heiratic language, though it was not much of a language in the normal sense. It was not like the letters of the elven script which we were accustomed to using. It was unknown to us, its meaning and nature."
   "Upon further examination, we could see that the pictures did tell a story, just one without names, dates, or evidence of their cognitive knowledges. We know they had no mouths, and that they were similar in appearance to humans, but much taller. Despite all attempts to learn their ways, our forebearers were unable to do as such."
   "Their mines were left abandoned, their houses and architectural projects left unfinished, their belongings were gone, their art was lacking substantial content, so much was taken in haste."
   "We know they were afraid, because of their last message: It was one of the quickest nature, a bare scrawl on the sixth of eight pillars in the town square, currently in progress as a growing metropolitan hub."
   "The ancient race of Dysphasia were like Titans among us, and their ways were the ways of the mind and spirit. Our people were inspired by their art, their carvings, their building processes, and the natural resources of the world which we inhabited thereafter their leaving. Our forebearers remained unsure of the people's date of leaving, though from the overgrowth that had taken place, it was surely a matter of several centuries or more from the evidential environment."
   "We used their text with our own to create a vibrant, expressive language of elvenkind, our very own dialect in the many-realms, the New Dysphasian Script. We mastered the art of recycling and re-using their buildings and materials, including a diverse array of petroleate compounds, gemstones, silicates, and rare metals. Upon their old foundations we built new cities, the New Lanathian Empire, the Heiratic Council of Dysphasia, 'May thee be blessed among elvenkind.'"
   "The haste with which they left was nearly immaculate, but they did manage to leave a small amount of magical script which was decipherable from ancient Sylvan dialects, a bit of strange energy spun, threaded, and wrapped around a sigil, the sign of the ancient Keraphian deity, _____, god of wisdom and thought. In it, they claimed allegiance and/or lineage to a mysterious clan of Titans, the Imperial Harak of Olympia."
   "It is from this history that we build our Empire once again, 'May thee be blessed among elvenkind.'"
-Elvidorec of Midgaazj,
Scribe of the New Lanathian Empire, the Imperial Heiratic Council & Lavague Guild of Scribes
This 24th Day of Montaad (March), Annuis Dysphasium - 410

   - the Mass Transmigration of the elves

   - the Lanathian/Larethian wars

   - the Slaving Empire

   - the Hierocracy and the technological boom

   - the Death Lord

   - the Epicene, the Nymian Wars and the fall from the Children of Selen


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