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Bone Rattler: A Mystery of Colonial America review

This was either a Kindle freebie or one of their $.99 deals-- at any rate it was a really great story and I do suggest it. Initially, and this is partially due to the title, I thought this was going to be a ghost story, but it was just a historical mystery. I really liked a number of the characters in the book, and, for the most part, they'd been done wrong-- sometimes by the law, sometimes by their family-- and that's one of the reasons this book was was so enjoyable, even if it was on the sad side.

In short: Men of various backgrounds are rounded-up from jails in Scotland and are headed to the New World to become indentures to any number of entities. Mysterious deaths/murders occur, partially saving the main character, Duncan, from being sent off with the others to fight in the French-Indian war or get sent to the West Indies, which is basically a death sentence, because Mr. Ramsey, a big wig in the New World, had a tutor coming over on the aforementioned ship, but he was, unfortunately, murdered. Duncan was studying to become a doctor when he was wrongly thrown into jail for harboring an ex-highwayman, who is really just is old an decrepit great uncle, one of two living relatives he had left. All sorts of strange things happen, people die and some live who I thought were definitely going to be goners.

/ [Ms. Steel]

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