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Body Shop Body Butter Passion Fruit review

I’ve always been a fan of lotions, body creams, and body butters, so when a friend introduced me to The Body Shop Body Butter collection, I couldn’t help but to buy a few tubs of Body Butter to try out. Usually I prefer to use lotions or creams; in my experience, Body Butters tend to be pretty oily and leave a nasty residue on one’s skin after it is rubbed in, and while lotions tend not to moisturize as thoroughly as I would like them to, Body Creams are therefore my favorite as far as moisturizing body products go. However, my friend hooked me up with a pretty good deal when it came to purchasing the Body Butters so I got a few tubs despite my previous negative experiences with Body Butters.  

One of the scents of Body Butters that I chose for myself was the Body Shop Body Butter Passion Fruit. I generally enjoy passion fruit as a smell as opposed to a flavor, so I figured that so long as I didn’t have to taste the Body Butter that the passion fruit scent would work just fine for me. The Body Shop Body Butter Passion Fruit comes in a 1.7 ounce plastic tub that is priced at around seven bucks, though I only paid five dollars for mine. One may access the thick, scented cream within the tub by simply twisting the lid or cap up and off of the bottom portion of the tub.  

Though the Body Butter certainly smells as it claims to, it still isn’t a great product. While the smell of Passion Fruit does linger on one’s skin for quite a while after it has been applied (though it is not water-proof!), the Body Cream itself is indeed rather greasy and oily, which is a huge turnoff for me when it comes to body products. The oily nature of the Body Shop Body Butter Passion Fruit does help it to stretch further; a little bit really does go a long way with this product. Additionally, it does moisten skin appropriately. However, the greasy nature of one’s skin after the Body Butter has been applied feels pretty disgusting, and things like lint and dirt stick to skin until the Body Butter gets washed off. 

Because the point of Body Butter is to revitalize skin, I generally would recommend that the best time to apply any sort of lotion, cream or body butter would be after showering and drying off. However, with Body Shop Body Butter Passion Fruit, I cannot do so. The first and only time that I applied Body Shop Body Butter Passion Fruit to my skin after showering, I had to hop right back into the shower to scrub the Body Butter off of me. Greasing up after a nice, cleansing shower is no way to feel revitalized, and most lotions and even creams don’t leave one feeling as grimy as Body Butter does in that sense. 

I cannot recommend this product. I spent quite a bit of money on several tubs of this product, and after only having a few experiences, all negative, with them; I know I probably won’t use any of the Body Butters again. This product as well as the others in the same line that I purchased was a huge waste of my money.

Pros: Smells good.
Cons: Expensive, leaves one feeling dirty after applying it.

/ [Nioniel]

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