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2010-12-01 00:32:20
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Bob Dylan; Blowin' in the Wind review

Bob Dylan pleaded to the gods. "How many roads must a man walk before he is a man?" and they told this Gilgamesh "No feat will change it, you are mortal. No matter your deeds, you will die. you are but dust in the wind." just Blowin' in the wind.

Bob Dylan's smashing hit song, Blowingin the Wind, one of my newfound favorites, has a sharp turn in theme when you set beside The Epic of Gilgamesh from ancient Babylon; a story of a man's quest for imortality through great deeds and feats, but is rebuked by the gods and still dies.

The song originally is somewhat of an obivous political and cultural protest song, (how many cannon balls must fly until they are forever banned?/how many years must some people excist before they are free?/how many ears must a man have before he can hear his people cry are lyrics evident of that) but with the life of Gilgamesh, this turns from hippie protest song to tragic tale of futile attempts at being something. The Epic of Gilgamesh is centered around the idea that no matter what you do, "you are but dust in the wind," you will die. to the Babylonians, it doesn't matter how many roads you walk, you'll never be a man; how many ears you have, you'll never hear; how many cannon balls fly, it will never end. "We are but dust in the wind," we don't change anything.

When Dylan says that all these questions' "answers are blowin in the wind." yes, it is all just dust blowing in the wind. you will die.

of course, I personally disbelieve in all this. I am Christian, to me a man can aspire to far greater things after death, and that Gilgamesh certainly found what he was looking for, after living the way he did. I just wrote this to tickle the fancy. perhaps it will bear more meaning to you.
/ [another brick in the wall]

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