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Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player

By [Nioniel]

I had really been putting off purchasing a Blu-ray player, especially as my DVD collection is so large. Additionally, I didn’t feel the need to purchase Blu-rays. I don’t tend to watch bonus footage on most movies or shows, so spending more money on a movie that required its own special player seemed a bit impractical to me at the time. However, my husband is really into getting movies and shows with all the bells and whistles, and lately all of the extra bonus features on films have been added more to the Blu-ray version of shows rather than to the DVD medium.

After realizing that my hubby and I couldn’t go the rest of our lives without upping our technology, we decided on a Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player. The price was reasonable and everyone who owned one said that it was a solid product.

We started to set up the Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player together, as we were both pretty excited about the new product in our home. Then we realized that the HDMI cable that is required for setup does not come with the product, so we had to head back to the store to get one. They are available at most electronics stores, as well as online.

After taking care of that, we simply plugged the Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player in. It wasn’t difficult or time consuming. Once everything was turned on, we played around with the settings on the Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player, which involved switching the settings as far as the factory default settings went for both audio and video outputs. This was necessary as we used the HDMI connection. We upped the quality settings from their default positions and adjusted the sound. Then we were ready to watch our first Blu-ray together.

The very first Blu-ray that we bought was a special edition release of the newest Star Trek movie; something he really geeks out over and that I’m just now beginning to like. Anyway, we put the Blu-ray in, and it seemed as though it took a very, very long time to load up. I thought that was odd. On older DVD players, I know that the load time is sometimes longer, but I had assumed that with Blu-ray being so high-quality, that they would load up right away. Not so. The movie played just fine, and we really loved it as well as the quality of the whole experience! It doesn’t seem to me that DVDs take as long to load up using the Blu-ray player, but still, they do take a few seconds longer than I thought they would. Overall though, that doesn’t bother me. All of our movies play just fine on it.

As far as quality goes, Blu-ray technology is incredible, especially when compared to DVD quality. Even our older DVDs look better when played in the Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player! All of the colors are correct, very vibrant and exact. Watching nature films (something I greatly enjoy) on the Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player is a wonderful experience, the deep-sea shots look so touchable, and it’s amazing. Everything seems so lifelike and real, much more so than it ever did using our DVD player.

As far as I’ve seen, everything is easy to understand while using the remote. We haven’t had the Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player for too long though, so if there are issues with this part of the product, we’ve just not run into them yet. However, in my experience at least, remotes don’t ever seem to be too problematic, so I’m not sure that we really expect the remote to do anything but to be a remote.

Hubby and I also purchased a Playstation 3 a while back, which we intended to use for Blu-rays until we heard that playing Blu-rays on the PS3 caused the PS3 to break down sooner than it otherwise would. We did play a few Blu-rays in our PS3 though before we learned of this, and when we did, we were impressed. Our PS3 would even save our place in Blu-rays after they had been ejected from the PS3, so that if we wanted to watch something else, we could always go right back to the spot in our movie that we left off at, which was incredibly convenient! However, with the Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player, we have found that that is not a possibility.

The Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player isn’t a bad Blu-ray player, and for all intents and purposes, it works. The price was reasonable, the quality is great, and it is incredibly easy to use. However, for those looking to invest in a perfect Blu-ray player, I do not recommend this one. The load time is incredibly slow, there is no feature that saves one’s place in movies after the movies are stopped and/or ejected, and not all necessary parts come with the product. Because Blu-rays are so costly and are an investment, I do recommend looking into other Blu-ray options before purchasing the Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player.

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