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L A W S  O F  B I L Y M A S

"Arc'tul erf elgred'un sirt. Ancherifel nagra mel'tet."
- Part of original inscription on the Tablet of Setha, Unknown source

Within the realm of Bilymas all creatures follow a basic code. This code denies all honour, all prejudice, all alignment with deities and monarchies. Recovered from a tablet seemingly handed down by some benevolent deity in times forgotten, the code has been translated for those who might not understand its archaic tongue. This is the basic law for all who exist in Bilymas and be warned: Those who ignore the code are swiftly dealt with.

The Code of Bilymas

1. You cannot power-play, take another player’s action for them, nor impersonate them without their express
permission. Permission must be clearly displayed to the moderator beforehand.

2. Cyber-speak is not tolerated in the roleplay, nor is Out-of-context talk. Save it for the comments.

3. Do not change your character’s personality. Ever. That's why your character has a personality section.

4. You cannot read another’s mind. This ability is prohibited in all forms and is not even included as a magic. Make do with your own knowledge.

5 The word of the moderator is law. It cannot be questioned except with good cause and another moderator will address issues thought to be important enough.

6. All NPCs are under the control of the moderator unless specified, and as such no NPC can be made to do anything by a character. In addition, no character can interact with an NPC they create themselves, all NPCs are specified by the moderator.

7.The moderator controls combat. See Blood of Creation: Combat for more information. Abide by rule 5 for any issues concerning combat.

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2006-02-08 [Erekosen]: His Will Be Done

2006-02-08 [NamelessMerc]: *Cough* <.<; >.>; The Moderator is not a God. He is THE God.

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