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2006-05-13 16:30:59
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"And so, Archaelous of the Elves journeyed from his homeland for reasons unknownst but to himself and his confidants, to spread the word and skills of the arcane to all who would listen to his tales and apply themselves to his teachings, and he did say to those who would listen: 'Magic is an art form unto itself; it may bring joy and beauty to all. But heed also my words, for magic may be used to destroy and kill, undoubtedly, in the final days it shall bring about the downfall of this world.'
- Of Great Sages And Mages

Detailed here, is a vast librium of arcane lore. Mages, seek here the knowledge of your craft, but remember, the histories of magecraft stored here amongst these spellbooks tell us of the perils that befall the unwary spellcaster. Take heed and learn from the mistakes of others.


Blood of Creation: Wizard Spells


Blood of Creation: Elemental Spells


Blood of Creation: Necromatic Spells


Blood of Creation: Priest Spells


Blood of Creation: Druid Spells


Blood of Creation: Illusionist Spells


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2006-01-20 [Erekosen]: First banner done, whaddya think?

2006-06-24 [Erekosen]: *Pokes Peter and Scott* Priest Spells!

2006-06-24 [NamelessMerc]: I'm not doing Priest spells!!!

2006-06-25 [Erekosen]: Well I don't want to do them...=P

2006-06-25 [NamelessMerc]: Pete needs to get off his ass then

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