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Blood Magic

Level 2 Blood Magic

Circle of Stilled Voices
Effect - Provides an extra 50% Magic power against song magic for d4 + intelligence turns in an area of 3 squares all around the caster.
Cost - 10 MP
(Magic Circle Against Wind + Magic Circle Against Water)
(Sleeping Gas + Magic Circle Against Water)
(Evaporate + Magic Circle Against Wind)

Effect - Cloud of gas with 50% chance to put to sleep all enemies in a 9 square area. Lasts d4+ intelligence turns
Magic Power - 6
Cost - 6 MP
(Sleeping Gas + Evaporate)
(Sleeping Gas + Warmth)
(Poison + Flash)

Effect - A wave of molten stone pushes the enemy back d4 + level squares, deals d8 + level fire damage and reduces its speed by 25%
Magic Power - 10
Cost - 10 MP
(Mudslide + Ember)
(Mudslide + Ignite)

Effect - Forces an animal into going berserk, the animal gains 5 temporary levels and all the bonuses those levels comprise, but it attacks anyone who comes close.
Cost - 7 MP
(Calm Animals + Frenzy)
(Rage + Poison)
(Sharpen + Flame)

Carve Road
Effect - The very earth moves to open a way for you, instantly cancels any stone wall, vine wall, fire wall and similar spells. Destroys most structures or obstacles in a d4 + intelligence straight line.
Cost - 6 MP
(Find the Way + Flame)

Unnatural Growth
Effect - Transforms a nearby plant into a monstruous creature that will obey the caster for d4 + intelligence turns. The power of the monster depends on the plant used.
Cost - 10 MP
(Talk to Plants + Frenzy)
(Poison + Frenzy)
(Entangle + Heat)

Magma Ball
Effect - Throws a ball of magma at the enemy, when the ball hits, its deals d10 + intelligence damage.
Magic Power - 6
Cost - 9 MP
(Heat + Mudslide)
(Heat Beam + Pellet Rain)

Blood Arrows
Effect - Enchants d4 + level arrows so that when they strike, the enemy has a 75% chance of going into berserk state.
Cost - 8 MP
(Decompose + Ignite)
(Sharpen + Frenzy)
(Sharpen + Rage)
(Poison + Frenzy)

Magma Shell
Effect - Magma covers the caster and hardens all around him, the caster cannot move or attack, but he can cast spells. The Magma shell has 10/Int HP.
Cost - 6 MP
(Harden + Ember)
(Mudslide + Evaporate)

Level 3 Blood Magic

Summon Blood Golem
Effect - The caster summons a hideous undead creature to fight by his side.
Cost - 15 MP
(Summon Natural Ally + Ignean Spirit)
(Summon Natural Ally + Explosion)
(Ignean Spirit + Noxious Fumes)

Blood Scythe
Effect - Creates a blood Scythe (10 Atk, 2 Rng)
Cost - 15 MP
(FLaming Arrow + Noxious Fumes)
(Flaming Fist + Blade Shield)
(Suffocate + Spike Wall)

Lava Ridge
Effect - Breaks d4 + intelligence squares of soil, leaving under them flowing magma, anyone who touches the magma, takes d10 damage, anyone who falls in it, dies.
Magic Power - 11
Cost - 12 MP
(Water Resistance + Stalacmites)
(Stone Wall + Explosion)
(Flamethrower + Quicksand)

Lava Wave
Effect - A 3 square wide wave of magma emerges from the ground and moves in a straight line for d4 + intelligence squares, dealing d6 + level damage to all targets in its way.
Cost - 15 MP
(Wind Resistant + Flame Thrower)
(Dissipate Ice + Dissipate Wind)
(Stalacmites + Fire Shield)

Effect - Mutated vines emerge in an area of d4 + level squares and deal d4 damage to anyone that crosses it. In addition to this, the vines can do a touch attack roll whenever someone is near and try to pull the person down. When a person is pulled down, he or she is suffocated. The vines are also poisonous, with a 40% chance of poisoning someone when they touch them.
Cost - 13 MP
(Swampland + Suffocate)
(Spike Wall + Noxious Fumes)
(Spike Wall + Ignean Spirit)

Boiling Blood
Effect - Doubles a character's ATK, DEF, and SPD, halves its INT and CAR and gives it a Blood Element Attack for d4 + intelligence turns. After the spell expires, the character takes d4 damage every turn for d4 + level turns.
Cost - 12 MP
(Ignean Spirit + Blade Shield)
(Noxious Fumes + Flaming Fist)
(Wind Resistant + Explosion)

Level 4 Blood Magic

Effect - The area is overrun by magma, everyone in the area takes d20/level damage and their speed is halved.
Cost - 20 MP
(Volcano + Move Earth)
(Melt Iron + Earth Mace)
(Fireball + Move Earth)

Joining of Bloods
Effect - The caster transforms into a corrupted, misshapen plant. He drains the life of all the plants in the area in order to do this. The power of the Blood Verdant depend on the amount of plants in the area. This spell effectively dispels any plant-based spells in the area.
Cost - 18 MP
(Control Plants + Summon Fire Elemental)
(Verdant Rage + Flame Axe)
(Summon Earth Elemental + Flame Wall)

Summon Magma Elemental
Effect - SUmmons a creature made out of pure lava.
Cost - 15 MP
(Summon Fire Elemental + Summon Earth Elemental

The Realms of Lemire
Lemirian Magic

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2005-06-24 [Veltzeh]: I like. I'll make Aj'ale do this if I can XD

2007-12-01 [Leonox]: i take it blood scythe has a duration or is it a permanent conjuration?

2007-12-02 [Silverbullet]: Judging from the other elemental magic wikis, weapon conjurations last the duration of the battle... Doesn't specify what happens if you try casting it outside of battle, but meh. That's a loophole :D

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