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Blood Cherries

Brought to you by [Vou] (Ahiru) and [Yami] (Daniel Gabrielle). :D

The eerie glow of Mother Moon's borrowed light illuminated the bustling city of New York. Cars continued to honk their way through the streets; the cries of people lifting up and over the skyscrapers, drifting off onto the gentle breeze that whisked by. Down in the dark streets, a small figure had just exited the building of what appeared to be a restaurant. Short, razor cut onyx tresses blew in the wind, causing the eyes to open. Cerulean blue searched the darkened heavens, as fingers worked the buttons of his trenchcoat. Underneath said garment, a thin, yet muscled figure of five-four was covered with low-rise denim jeans that fit him just right. Old, worn grey with rainbow grafitied converse adorned feet. Arm warmers of black protected arms even more, and on torso was a sleeveless hoodie jacket which ended just above navel. A fishnet t-shirt was underneath that. Piercings rimmed each ear - a total of three per ear - which was hidden by the onyx strands that were soft to the touch. No longer staring skyward, the entertainer left from work to head off to home. Or maybe a club. He wanted to dance, but didn't have anyone to go with. Perhaps it would be best to find someone? A small smile tugged at Ahiru Ishihara's lips.

Not far from where the breeze swept black razor cut hair, it too swept messy black strands around the handsome pale face of another skyward looking male. His piercing blue gaze looked up at his last night's sky. His strong, but thin frame leaned, with arms crossed and resting on the railing of a bridge that over looked a vast black reflectant river. His body was hugged gently by his all black ensemble, belts hanging from his limbs, and leather boots covering his pale feet. Once a beautiful white winged angel, he now stood, lifeless, yet living for his last night as he waited for the blazing sun to rise and end his tormented, lonely life. He'd decided a year ago as of that moment that if his life got no better that he would end it all, and so it had not, so here he was, facing the east, watching the horizon.

Passing by the streets, he opted to cut through the park that laid flat in the middle of the bustling city. Arms folded against chest, with one arm tucked against the other in a vain attempt to warm up, Ahiru found the comfort of nature at last. He glanced around, watching as his shadow danced from tree to tree, playing in the moon's light. Glancing down at the path, a moment of 'ADD' kicked in and he found himself watching the path as he walked along. So, therefore, he was not paying attention - at all. The onyx-haired dancer smelled water and ended up looking up too late; he ran face first into the lonely figure on the bridge. Making a noise of surprise, he started to stumble backwards and out of habit, reached for whatever was in arms length, which ended up being said much-taller person.

The vampire reached out and grabbed the male whom had just ran into him by his shoulders and pulled him close, wrapping both arms around him as a semi truck rumbled past with the smell of nasty smoke. He'd saved the shorter male from becoming flattened by the large vehicle. The piercing blue eyes of the taller male glared as they watched the truck rumble by. "Idiotic polluting machines..." He muttered under his nonexistent breath. He looked down at the male pulled close to his still chest. "Are you alright?" He asked in his deep, humming voice filled with apathy.

Thinking that he was going to be harmed when he was reached for and then pulled close, the dancer was about to struggle against the embrace when the semi-truck rumbled by. Catching him off guard and frightening him, he had pushed his body closer to the taller one's, in attempts to be safe. And at the words, his eyes widened and he felt the heat rush to his cheeks. Gazing up, Ahiru was faintly stumbled for words. If it was even possible, he blushed even more. His savior was quite the. . . attractive one. Finally, after stalling enough, and in attempts to calm his heart, he found his voice. "I'm fine, thank you." Albeit it was still quiet and faint, but he had whispered a thanks, nonetheless.

"Startled I see, but I agree you seem to be alright. Take care not to get hurt, I'm sure someone would miss you if something horrible happened." Danny slowly released the other male, his messy hair falling all over his beautiful face covering bits of it, though his peircing blue gaze found it's way easily through the tufts. His hands finally slid from the other male's form as he turned to lean on the railing of the bridge yet again. He looked about across the black waters below and up to the color coordinated sky, it's stars twinkling and blinking at them.

Ahiru tilted his head as he watched him, although the words were something he found to be laughable. Deciding to stay and enjoy the view, he shifted his gaze from his savior to that of the waters and skies above and below. "You would be surprised; no one cares for the well-being of one such as I." He had shifted his body completely, letting his arms fall to his side. "I was just going to go and find someone to go to the clubs with me. Getting so drunk to forget who I was and then to give myself to that person who I decided to go out with. . . only to feel loved for a time." Ahiru wondered why he was spilling his innermost thoughts of his heart, and he wanted to take them back, but knew he could not. "Sorry. Still, thank you for saving me."

"That's not love, it's lust; I've fallen victim to lust and know it all to well, it's the reason I live the miserable life that I do, alone and forgotten. Tossed aside like an overplayed with ragdoll. But no more." Danny replied to the other male, his beautiful eyes fixed on the horizon where the water met skyline. "You're an attractive young man, anyone in any sense of right in their mind would want to be yours and to have you as theirs." He turned his head to look at him. His eyes told the younger male that he was sincere, they also told of his sorrow, pain and suffering.

Ahiru blushed faintly at the compliment. "Why do you say such sweet things to a whore? Or rather, a stranger?" He questioned softly, turning his face up to gaze at the much taller male. "You have known great pain, yet are able to say words that are very hypocritical. Do you intend to take your life?"

"If you consider me a stranger then I suppose it would be no business of yours if I am intending to or not, would it?" Danny replied, blinking only once every few minutes. "No, I would suppose not, but as you are not a pretty speed bump in the road now, I suppose you should follow your plans for the night. I will keep you no longer, I wish you a good evening and a farewell to you." He bowed his head slightly, closing his eyes as he did. As his head returned to an upright position he turned it to look back at the horizon in silence.

"Stranger or not, you listened to what ails my heart and mind. It is only right if I do the same for you. That is, if you will permit it?" Biting his lip, he continued. "I cannot explain it, but something tells me to listen to you. To get you to speak about what bothers your heart. I simply can't walk away. " Finished with his thoughts, he waited to see if he would answer him. What he spoke was the truth. . . Ahiru didn't want to turn away from this man.

"I am no one worth your while nor anyone else's I will not take your time from you." Danny did not look at the other male. "In any case my heart has stopped and no longer beats so I would suppose nothing ails my heart any longer, not in the slightest." The taller male closed his eyes and just stood there, if anyone passing looked at his perfect stillness they would think him a mannequin.

"Please tell me!" Ahiru replied, reaching forward and grabbing hold of Danny's arm. "You must. Did you not understand? My heart, for a reason unbeknown to me, hurts at the thought of turning my back on you." Finally, he chose to ignore the pain. "Fine. Tell not what troubles you to some common whore. I am undeserving of being treated as an equal in society. Good-bye." Letting the male's arm go, he turned and left the pretty scenery, ignoring the pain. When he had touched him, it seemed right. It felt comfortable to be near him. A stranger. My heart is so desperate in affections, apparently. That's the only reason why.

"Did you not hear what I said? I said I and not worth your time; but I am not the type to allow someone to be in pain because of me, so if you still want I will reaccount the past five years of my miserable life." Danny replied, not looking at the other male, his eyes continued to look out across the horizon. Though an odd feeling had passed through him when the other had touched him. He sighed and looked at the horizon, deciding maybe tonight could wait. "Do you want some company? For the night I mean." He supposed that he should try to have an enjoyable last day instead of one where he did what he always did and sat around his house, alone until it came time for the moon to show itself.

Hearing the question, Ahiru halted and turned on his heel, eyes wide. He was shocked to hear that Danny asked if he wanted company. It had never happened before. Nodding, he shyly glanced towards the tall male. "What made you change your mind?"

Danny gently pushed himself away from the railing of the bridge. He turned and faced Ahiru, looking into his eyes. "I have my reasons." He replied before adding. "Don't worry about it and just enjoy our time together, ok?" He should and tried to smile here but smiling was something Danny had lost the knowledge of how to do so only a small hint of a smile graced his soft, thick lips.

Nodding slowly, Ahiru's slender fingers pushed back onyx strands behind his right ear. A faint pink graced the bridge of his nose, as he saw how Danny intently stared at him. It had sent a chill down his spine and he did not know exactly how to handle it. Sure, he was a 'prostitute', but it was difference when emotional attachment was taking place. And this also wasn't a perverted old man, no, it was a very handsome man staring at him. "Do you like dance clubs?" he asked quietly.

"Not in particular, and aren't you tired of such places, why not go somewhere nicer for once?" Danny replied softly as he walked towards Ahiru, he stopped in his tracks, leaving only about a foot or so between the two of them. His piercing blue eyes bore into Ahiru's.

"I enjoy the fast-paced music, mostly. And there's nowhere else to go. I don't have any friends, so what do you suggest?" He asked, noting how close they were again. ". . ." Ahiru glanced away from Danny's gaze, realizing that he was probably blushing again.

Danny's soft, but firm hand slid into Ahiru's. "Come on, follow me." He gently pulled the other male by his arm. He gently lead him down the sidewalks and through the streets and into a very expensive restaurant.

Facial turning a few shades of crimson, Ahiru couldn't help but let himself be lead away without a word. And when he saw they were going into a luxurious dining facility, he could not help but feel insecure. The only times he had ever been here was to be a arm ornament for certain clients. He truly hoped that he didn't run into any of them... it would be highly horrible for them to see him outside of 'work'.

Danny asked the man at the front for a table for two, slipping the man a bit of extra money to insure them a table. The man slid the bill into his pocket and picked up two menus. "Right this way." He said snootily. Danny took Ahiru's hand and slid it onto his own forearm so their arms were linked, it was obvious that Danny was a gentlemen. Once at the table, Danny even pulled Ahiru's chair out for him and pushed it in once the handsome young man was seated. "Bring me a bottle of champagne..." Danny told the waiter before he left. "Order anything you'd like." The black haired male told his companion. "Anything at all."

Nodding, Ahiru glanced down at the menu that had been placed in front of him. For some reason, this felt like a date, but he knew it wasn't. They'd only met, besides, Danny probably was straight anyways. . . Forgetting to remove his jacket, he stood up for a moment and shrugged it off, setting it on the back of the ornate chair. Sitting down again, he finally glanced down at the menu, still unsure of what to have. Usually other's ordered for him. "What would you recommend?" He asked.

"Do you like Duck?" Danny asked him softly, his milky white hands were rested under his handsome face. He was staring at Ahiru, almost as if he were studying him before he spoke. He slowly moved out of the postion and took his burning eyes from Ahiru long enough to pour them both a glass of Champagne, it fizzed delightfully in their glasses.

"It has been a long time since I've sampled duck, but yes, it is quite delectable." Ahiru replied, blushing faintly under Danny's gaze. He simply could not help himself! Watching him pour champagne, he murmured a "thank you" and took a glass into one hand. Lifting the edge to lips, he took a swallow and felt it slide down his throat. "What year is this champagne? It's very good." He smiled, "And the duck is what I'll have."

"Same." Replied Danny. "A laronge..." He added as the waiter collected their menus. Danny leaned back slightly in his seat, taking up his glass and sipping from it. "My ex boyfriend used to bring me here...he'd buy up a bunch of expensive wine and he'd pretend to down it, when I actually was..."

"Ah, so you do like boys. . ." Ahiru began, but cut himself off. "Oh, wait, no, I'm sorry. . . I didn't mean for it to sound like that. I was just wondering. . . and was afraid to ask. . ." The 19-year-old trailed off before folding his hands and setting them in his lap to calm his nerves.

Danny shook his head. "No need to be embarrassed, though you should feel free to ask me anything, I have nothing to hide, why hide it when I won't be around much longer?" He took a small sip of his alcohol. "I already know you like men, what do you look for in a man? Or would that be too bold of me to ask?" He set his glass down, and rested his chin on the palm of his hand as he rested his elbow on the table. His other hand's fore finger circled around the rim of the glass making it hum musically.

Thinking about the questions asked, Ahiru had been considering just carefully wording his response, but a small monologue had been the result instead. "I just want someone to love me; to want only me. I want him to take me away from here, from him." He scowled. "I'm just his toy. He's a sick, twisted man who derives pleasure out of his own offspring. It's disgusting."

"I take it, the way you speak, that you mean your father? Or am I mistaken? Please correct me if I am." Danny's shining ebony hair fell into his face as he tiled his chin inward slightly looking up at Ahiru with his piercing blue eyes through his soft locks. He inhaled through his thick lips slowly, though he needed not to, and then dragged his tongue over them.

Nodding slowly, Ahiru tried to ignore the sensual tongue of Danny's and how it dared drag over his lips. He didn't think it was possible for someone to be so . . . erotic? Yes, that's the word he wanted to use. Finding his voice again, the slave replied, again. "Yes, that man is my Sire. He raped my mother when she was only 15 and she died a year later of suicide. She hated me and I only loved her. She was all I ever had. That man made me grow up quickly. I knew how to pleasure adults with my tongue better than any 20-year-old girl by the age of six. And I saw orgies and other such acts once I turned eight years old. By twelve, I was involved with my father sexually. He forced me to do things that I'm not proud of."

"No one deserves such treatment..." The vampire replied in a low voice that sounded as though he'd not even spoken, as though the wind had found a voice and was speaking for him. His sapphire eyes darted from his own glass to the table, then up to Ahiru. "childhood is the foundation of the life of any being, no matter how large or small...That is not a childhood, that is a Freudian prison." His fingers caressed the stem of the wine glass delicately. He exhaled his previously drawn in breath, he seemed deep within his thoughts. "I'm going to take you away from him..." He said softly, looking up at his dining companion. "I believe we can save one another, you and I..."

Ahiru found that the words caught in his throat. Eyes widened a fraction again as he fully digested what Danny said. "B-But. . . he will find me. That man always finds me. . . I tried to escape before, but it was futile. Scars on my back. . . I don't want to be punished again." His voice quivered and melted into a whimper. He knew that his childhood should have been different. Even the other children he encountered at the days he went to school gave him stares. "What if he finds me. . . you? I don't want him to harm another because of me. . ."

"I have nothing here in this city, in this state, we can move to another state, to another country if we must." He sipped from his wine glass gently. "If he finds us then we will cross that bridge when we get there and burn it once we cross. I won't allow anything more to happen to you..." HE looked into the other male's eyes, his own bright sapphire ones baring into him. "But the choice is all yours I can not make it for you, you must decide."

Memories of the days that was supposed to be his childhood flashed through his mind like a movie at sonic speed. After pondering Danny's words even more, he made his decision. Slowly removing himself from the chair, he walked to the taller male's side and touched him on the shoulder. It was a sign of respect from himself, something taught by his father. "I place my trust in you, Danny. I want to be a free person." His words were a mere whisper of their former selves.

A gentle smile formed on the sitting male's lips. He stood slowly, turning his frame to face the shorter male. His soft pale fingers took his chin in his hand and tilted it up to look at him. His other arm wrapped around the small of his back, pulling him close to himself. He leaned down, his lips only a few centimeters from Ahiru's. The world seemed to stop for that moment while Danny seemed to wait for something before speaking. "Your trust is well placed as will this kiss be..." Danny's thick, soft lips pressed tenderly to the male he embraced, his eyes closed slowly as he leaned into the kiss.

Eyes widened considerably, face turning a darker shade of pink at the kiss. He felt eyes glance towards them and couldn't help but go 'awe' at the little scene playing out before them like a movie. Tentatively, he let gloved hands grasp onto the front of Danny's shirt, tightening as the Asian decided that he didn't want the kiss to end. The thick, warm lips against his soft ones felt amazing and it wasn't brutal like all of those he'd received before.

Danny felt as though his heart were beating again, his chest swelled at the feeling of being kissed in return. is soft cool hands slid into the razor cut hair of the other male, caressing his silky hair lovingly, thier bodies pressed closely to one another's. The former angel felt like he could fly even without his wings, he had a chance of having something to live for again. The male under him gave him something to protect with all his being, no, someone, someone to care for until he truely, deeply and madly loved him with all his person. Slowly his lips parted from the other's his eyes flickering open to look into the other's.

Ahiru was recovering from the chaste kiss that had been more pleasant than any other brushing of lips he'd had felt before. Fingers still gripping tightly onto the vampire's shirt, eyes slowly fluttered open, gaze darkened slightly to stare back into Danny's sapphire pools. A light trace of pink still remained on face, as a small smile formed on his lips. "Where to next?"

Danny gestures to the young man's seat. "First, we will eat, then we will decide where to run to." He sat in his own seat, sipping his wine. "Ahiru. There is something I must tell you before this goes any further... I have a question before that. Do you believe in the supernatural?" He asks, quite seriously.

Ahiru nodded, letting himself sit where indicated. His mind swirled around with various emotion that couldn't help invoke thoughts into his mind. Blushing darkly once again, ashamed and embarrassed at himself, he listened to what the beautiful creature before him asked. S-supernatural? A tilt of his head as he brought a finger to his lip in an adorable shota-like way. "I believe anything is possible. I don't believe in Kami-sama though... if that's okay with you. I am pretty sure that if Amaterasu-sama were real, she would not have let life been so... undesirable as of late." He paused, then glanced at Danny. "why do you ask?"

Danny chuckles softly. "Well, I really mean things like, ghosts, werewolves, angels, demons...vampires..." He took a small sip of his drink, looking at Ahiru over his glass.

"Perhaps. Anything is possible. While I've never witnessed nor seen any one of those you listed, I am an open book. Everything in our modern world was once an idea in a human's mind." Ahiru answered, sipping on water.

"And if I were to tell you I used to be one and now am another?" He clears his throat. either the male before him would believe him, or think he's appropriately bat-shit crazy. He could prove his current race, but proving what he once was was far harder, the only proof he had was the scars in his back from the loss of wings.

Ahiru couldn't claim to know whether or not Danny was being honest, or not, but as a man that clearly wanted to commit suicide... well, it would explain a lot. Or else he's off his meds... The youth thought, but there was a tiny part that told him that he was not bullshitting him. Why? What did he have to gain to lie to him? Was Ahiru going to end up being murdered somewhere? It wouldn't be the worst thing ever to happen to him. He'd probably end up dead if he stayed with his sperm donor or went off with this potential psychopath. Taking a small breath, Ahiru replied, very carefully, "I believe you."

Danny smiles softly. "You don't have to believe me you know? I'm not going to be angry. I know it sounds far fetched but it's true. I've been around for a very, very, very long time. I once was an angel, it was my job to watch the humans in this area, sort of a general guardian angel... one day I saw a man, I thought he was beautiful and I fell in love with him. As you know it's a sin for a man to love another man, but I told my best friend and he ratted me out so they cast me to earth. I found the man and learned he was a vampire. When I told him what had happen to me he took me in, but my loyalty got me into trouble. I did anything he wanted. He was far more cruel than I could ever know. One day I didn't feel well and didn't want to do something he told me so he ripped my wings from me and turned me into a vampire..." He sighed softly. "Since then I had escaped him and been through so much heart ache that when you found me I had decided to wait for the sun to rise and burn to a crisp... now, you can believe me if you'd like but here..." He held his hand out, palm up. "Check my pulse, go on..."

Ahiru shook his head, pushing the former angel’s hand away. With another smile, he repeated in a more firm tone, “I believe you. You have nothing to prove to me. I am insignificant to most and you saved me, too, from him. Thank you.” The oriental moved closer to the older, dark-haired man and pressed a kiss to his cheek, then pulled back slightly and kissed him on the lips. He let his arms snake around the shoulders to help him press harder into said kiss.

Danny's cool lips press deeply to Ahiru's, his fingers lace into the other's hair, other hand drawing him close. Danny's chest feels as though his heart were still beating.

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