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2004-07-27 15:33:40
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Welcome to the blood bar. Please join our Blood Bar Guestbook and we will serve you straight away.

The Blood Bar Guestbook -For everyone new. Here is the guestbook to sign.

Blood Bar Banners - once you've signed the guestbook take a look at our banners

Blood playing Games -
This is just like Rpg only it has a different name to it.Now you can choose your own character that fits your personality.So have fun!! ^__^

The Blood Room - A place for people to discuss Vampires Demons and the like with other people

Torture Chamber - A place where you can torture feckless mortals who have recklessly ventured into the underworld*mwahahahaha cough choke* take a look to find out more

The Vampire Corner - we're trying to do all we can to make The Blood bar a better place all the time so please place your comments here. Thank you for any Feedback

Death Chamber A place for our guests to talk to each other.


Other sites i have created are at
Child of Darkness's Book of Shadows

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