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Bio Magic

Level 2 Bio Magic

Mushroom Ring
Effect - Provides an extra 50% Magic power against song magic for d4 + intelligence turns in an area of 3 squares all around the caster.
Magic Power - 10
Cost - 10 MP
(Magic Circle Against Wind + Magic Circle Against Fire)
(Calm Animals + Mirage)

Effect - When a character adapts, he chooses one kind of status damage and becomes inmune to it for d20 + INT hours.
Cost - 6 MP
(Underwater Breath + Calm Animals)
(Purify + Sharpen)

Effect - Deals Random status damage to 1 enemy.
Magic Power - 8
Cost - 7 MP
(Defreeze + Poison)
(Fog + Poison)

Toxic Cleansing
Effect - Heals any physical Status damage done to a character.
Cost - 10 MP
(Purify + Talk to Plants)
(Create Water + Calm Animals)

Effect - The caster transfers any status damage he is suffering to all characters 3 squares away from him.
Magic Power - 10
Cost - 8 MP
(Fog + Decompose)
(Hail + Mudslide)

Effect - The caster summons a virulent disease to infect an enemy character. If the infected character is wounded, he will take 1 damage the first turn, 2 the second turn, 4 the third turn, and so on until he performs a succesful CONSTITUTION(Half of HP) against caster's INT roll, or dies, if the character is not wounded, decay won't activate until he takes at least one HP worth of damage. The infection is contagious, if the target succesfully performs a touch attack on another character, that character becomes infected as well.
Magic Power - 9
Cost - 10 MP
(Decompose + Frost Beam)
(Sleeping Gas + Waterwalk)

Plant Guardian
Effect - Summons a venomous plant to guard a particular place. The Plant Guardian will attack all enemies that get at least 3 squares from him and will attempt to attack anyone who attacks it regardless of the range, nevertheless, it cannot move.
Cost - 9 MP
(Entangle + Create Water)
(Talk to Plants + Purify)

Poison Arrows
Effect - Transforms d4 + level arrows so they have a 50% chance of poisoning the enemy.
Cost - 7 MP
(Sharpen + Steam Jet)
(Harden + Chill Metal)
(Pellet Rain + Frost Beam)

Effect - The caster randomly changes during d10*INT minutes, the metamorphosis can be done again with a different effect. The effects are random depending on a d12.
1 - Your eyes become as a cats, granting you dark vision.
2 - You grow antlers, granting you a level dependant horn attack.
3 - You grow fish gills, granting you underwater breath.
4 - Your hands grow into huge Redclaw claws, granting you a level dependant claw attack.
5 - Your skin becomes green, though and scaly, granting you natural armor.
6 - You grow a large reptilian tail, granting you a level dependant tail attack
7 - Your skin becomes as bark, granting you a level dependant, powerful natural armor
8 - You grow poisonous fangs, granting you a poison based bite attack.
9 - You grow giant bat wings, granting you short range, in-combat flight.
10 - You grow giant bird wings, granting you long range, out-of-combat flight.
11 - Your arms grow as vines, granting you a long range natural attack.
12 - You grow plant thorns all over your body, causing the enemy to be harmed when attacking you.
Cost - 10 MP
(Purify + Find the Way)
(Waterwalk + Calm Animals)

Level 3 Bio Magic

Elixir of Life
Effect - The caster becomes inmune to either magic or physical attacks for d4 + INT turns, however, he will still be affected by magical, status affecting or elemental weapons.
Cost - 15 MP
(Wind Resistant + Fire Resistant)
(Dissipate Lightning + Dissipate Fire)

Vine Whip
Effect - Creates a powerful whip made of poisonous vines (5 Atk, 1 Def, 3 Rng, 25% chance of poison)
Cost - 15 MP
(Frost Arrows + Stalacmites)
(Summon Natural Ally + Geiser)

Effect - The target of the regenerate spell will heal d4 + caster's INT HP every turn for d8 turns. In adition to this, the target will regain any status points that were lost in the last turn of his regeneration.
Cost - 13 MP
(Stone Wall + Geiser)
(Spike Wall + Ice Fang)
(Quick Sand + Fire Resistant)

Acid Armor
Effect - The Acid Armor inflicts 1d8 + level damage to whoever comes close and enhances defense by 25%, halves damage taken by Red and Yellow Magic and blocks any Blue and Green Magic damage. The shield lingers for 1d6+level turns. An enemy character will receive d6 damage he turn after touching the acid armor, and an extra d4 damage the next turn.
Magic Power - 15
Cost - 14 MP
(Noxious Fumes + Frost Shield)
(Blade Shield + Acid)
(Swampland + Acid Fog)
(Spike Wall + Acid Pond)

Bark Armor
Effect - The bark armor has d10*INT HP and protects the caster completely from damage. However, it also halves the caster's speed and reduces his attack power by d4 points.
Cost - 12 MP
(Spike Wall + Frost Shield)
(Blade Shield + Fire Resistant)
(Stone Wall + Geiser)

Effect - The Virus is a terrible disease which, when cast on a target, reduces one particular stat to 1.
Magic Power - 11
Cost - 14 MP
(Noxious Fumes + Acid)
(Summon Natural Ally + Acip Pond)

Level 4 Bio Magic

Halo of Havoc
Effect - The halo of Havoc desintegrates everything around the caster. Anything that is withing 4 squares of the caster while the Halo of Havoc is activated has a INT% chance every turn of being affected as if by a Destruction spell. The Halo of Havoc lasts d6 + level turns.
Cost - 16 MP
(Move Earth + Deluge)
(Rain Dance + Move Earth)
(Freeze + Verdant Rage)

Create Chimera
Effect - The create Chimera spell allows you two combine two animals or plants into a single creature. The animals must already be domesticated by the caster, the Chimera will obey the caster and survive for d20*INT hours after created. Once the time expires, the caster can choose to recast the spell in the same chimera to keep it for another time period.
Cost - 18 MP
(Earth Mace + Water Spear)
(Verdant Rage + Control Water)

Create Homunculus
Effect - The homunculus is a soulless human Golem. Though not necesarilly undead, the process for creating a homunculus requires a human corpse and a level 3 or 4 spell. The spell must be cast alongside the Create Homunculis spell and the resulting being will obey the caster and have many of the characteristics it had in life, as well as the characteristics of the spell used on him. A humunculus will survive for d20*INT hours after created. Once the time expires, the caster can choose to recast the spell in the same Homunculus to keep it for another time period.
Cost - 20 MP
(Summon Earth Elemental + Summon Water Elemental)
(Control Water + Control Plants)

The Realms of Lemire
Lemirian Magic

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2006-08-02 [Duredhel]: I had not noticed.. but this type of magic has some of the coolest spells in the game... I mean... ever since Lv 2 with Metamorphosis, to the Halow of Havoc, I can just see a character walking through walls and scores of enemies as they desintegrate all around him.

2006-08-02 [Grengo]: True. Makes Sun Magic really dull in comparison <_<

2006-08-02 [Duredhel]: Armaggeddon's not bad

2006-08-02 [Grengo]: Only if you have a single mage with a death wish against an army of enemies. >.>

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