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"They were subservient once, those humans... Now look, they own everything."
- Atru'ul, Orcish Loremaster

Humans are the most versatile race of Bilymas. Created as a slave race by the Elves, and able to excel in any area, humans enjoy a bonus to their learning at the expense of fewer overall feats to begin with. The Human is not suited for any class or trade in particular, but learns extremely fast and becomes stronger much quicker, levelling out earlier in mage classes. Humans also learn extra feats after a certain point when levelling up.

Racial Statistics

Appearance -
  Height - Between 5' and 6'6".
  Weight - Standard: 180lbs (male), 130lbs (female).
  Hair - Brown, black, blonde, red, grey or white.
  Eyes - Blue, green, grey or brown.
  Face - Varies according to heritage.
  Body -
    Torso - Varies according to class and gender. Usually clothed
    Arms/Legs - Clothed.
Language - Verbal, common.
Religion - Any.

Racial Bonuses

Humans gain an extra stat point to place into their statistics at every level-up.
Humans can learn 1 extra feat at every 4th level from level 10. (10, 14, 18... etc.)

Racial Feats

Humans do not receive any race-specific feats.

Preferred Classes

Humans have no preferred class.




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