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2007-10-14 16:07:53
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Estantia's Stories

Between here and there

18 June 2005
Trembling on the brink of a new era...
Ok, so I've reached the end of the second or third main stage of my life. The first was early childhood (this could be just infancy or primary school too. The one I've just finished is teenager. I'm on the brink, girl and woman. An excellent time to reflect on past and future. but I think I may do it in a poem.

-msn blog post.

Estantia's Stories


Take a breather.
Stop, look around.

Look at the path you've taken,
Look at where you will go.
Look at the chances you've taken.
Look at the people you know.

You've known some this far,
their paths close to you
some will give you a lifeline,
they have helped you through.

Kiss today goodbye
the sweetness and the sorrow
wish me luck, the same to you
now point me t'wards tomorrow.

You stand alone now.
Where do you go?
What have you done?
What do you know?

Sitting still 'tween have and will
The moments here i treasure
but there's no point in fighting change
As it will too bring pleasure


Estantia's Stories

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2006-10-06 [Draymond]: I love how your poems inspire thought, incredibly wise. I like it ^_^

2006-10-06 [Estantia]: now look at the date :P and thanks, all comments appreciated

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