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Roleplayed by [Erubeus].

<Limg300*0:><Rimg300*0:>Name: Bethiru
Alias: Gideon
Age: 304. Fairly young.
Gender: Male
Race: Apoceros
Height: Eight-four
Weight: 250 lbs.
Sexual Preference: No preference.
Alliance: Depends on the point of view.
A battle axe across his back, a couple of chains bolted into his arms -- Placed there to hold him in place to be tortured --, and types of spines that come up from his shoulder blades to which he can maneuver freely in any direction as either a defensive or offensive move.
Ears pierced, the number being fifteen. Still adding. On every finger, near the knuckle, he has a piercing, a micro dermal anchor, where a ring connects. These cannot be removed, though the rings can be taken off and replaced or rearranged. On his biceps, a rod goes through his arms, and on either end is a chain link attached. For every chain link there is a glorious war behind it. So far, one has been connected fully ‘round.
He has tattoos going over each hip to connect into intricate designs in the back.
Species Description:
A species comprised of giants, they mostly get to the height of between 8’ - 9’. But as in all species, there are few others that are above average in every aspect. Eyes hold no irises or pupils, letting their color cover the whole of their eye. Beneath their eyes are stripes the color of their hair. Their skin is that of a chameleon’s skin, meaning, they can change their color between an array of five shades. Red, green, black, brown, and silver. All of these colors serve a purpose, but are not obtainable until said being is trained and able to control their very being. Even then, most can only obtain three colors. Green, red, and silver. Those that can obtain Black and brown are instantly placed in special training as a warrior. Without the effect of their color change, they often have patches of soft color wherever there is hair on their body, and often times it spreads just a little further.
The species have various attributes, like the color changing flesh, that tend to be a bit more lethal. They can eject bones from their bodies and use them as either a form of defense, or a form of offense. What’s more, they can force spines from their bodies that they can control as freely as they can control their thumbs.
An intelligent species, they built a metropolis from a barren wasteland and learned how to grow crops and various plants without much moister and too much sun. On that point, they do not get over heated like most creatures do, and their skin his warm enough to melt a mountain of ice simply by standing near it.
On rare occasions, Apoceri have been known to grow a separate identity which sprouts fourth during a certain day of the month. Their personality only logged after they have been caught and forcibly milked for answers.
At the height of eight-four, he is not the tallest of his species, but that does not discourage him from reaching his goals. Starting from the top and heading down;
Long, white and sliver, pin straight hair that reaches the back of his thighs to which he wears up in a ponytail half of the time, bangs, which he pushes out of his face, reach to his nose. Coming out of his hairline is a faint silver sheen which reaches an inch out into his face. Almond shaped eyes the color of crystalline blue are placed evenly on his face, his straight nose right between them where it belongs. Below his nose lie a pair of thin lips that seem to always be pursed. Along the rim of his ears are an uneven number of earrings, eleven on his left and four on his right.
Moving on down; Tanned skin stretched over battle honed body. On his front, he seems normal enough save for the light silver happy trail that leads from navel to pants’ waist and the light silver that pulls out an inch or so from the hair on his arms. He also has a couple of tattoos on either of his hips that reach up to his navel, but that involves hi back. On his back, quite a few things are noticeable that one really wouldn’t notice with a frontal view. Those tattoos on his hips extend back and cover the whole of his back; From the small of his beck to the back of his neck, intricate designs cover. On the back of his biceps there are chains. One fully round, the other partially done. Finally, on his shoulder blades are a couple of scars where his set of spines come out from.
Last but not least, his hands hold various micro dermal anchors to which he places rings on. The reason being? He doesn’t want his rings falling off in battle. Above his hands, on his forearms, chains are bolted in place. but not for lack of fighting. He was forcibly chained down, and then tortured. He broke out only after a couple of weeks of being held, and without the tools, or care for that matter, the chains have stayed in place.
Place of Birth: A rural area on the planet of Tsanos.
Style: He tends to like dressing topless, but he doesn’t mind wearing upper leather when needed. Other than that, he wears simple leather pants that look to be pieced together. Bracelets and a necklace every now and again are fine to wear. Just not in battle. Rather tricky things to have on when in combat, especially if the opponent takes every advantage at a grip he or she can get.
Personality: Somewhat of a lone wolf. But, he is friendly and easy to get along with. However, that does not take away from his battle skills and fierce demeanor. He did not get all of his chain links having tea with the enemy. The only type of species you’ll see him take an instant shine to is a child of said species. Children are innocent, and cute in his opinion.

Mother gave birth to him, as sour as could be. After having the equivalent of having her tubes tied after having her first child, she was not expecting to be granted a devious little squirt like Bethiru. And he was a deviant as a child, but what do you expect? He was curious about things, and he liked picking on his older brother. Natural. Given the cold shoulder by his mother all throughout his childhood, all he had was his father and brother.. And due to his picking on his brother, all her had was his father. Even then, he was alone. His father never really loved him. He ordered him like he was a tiny shoulder, spoke at him instead of to him. Whenever anything wrong happened in the household, he was blamed. He brother was the golden child. Never Bethiru.
When he was of-age to move out, being as on Tsanos you had to be at least fifty to move out of the house, he did. When he did, more doors than he ever imagined opened up to him. Due to his earlier grief in his old home via family, he had a strong enough mind to join the defense division. Or because of his early ability control, he could join a type of boot camp that could use his skills, and so on. Hell, he could even claim a mate of his own should he so wish it, be he did not wish for a mate. He was still too young to even think on those terms. So, at the ripe, young age of fifty-four, he joined a training program that would help prepare him for the Defense Division. Everything from then on was rather peachy. That is, until his father took over his Squad of the Defense Division.
Everything began to go down from there. After landing a good spot in the Defense Division, his father has to come and ruin it for him. And he did ruin it. Every chance he got, he came down on Bethiru like a ton of bricks without fail. Every misstep, his father was there. Every unsynchronized attack, he was there. It was beginning to wear at his mind, and his comrades could see it with every offense his father did against Bethiru. One day, it just got too much for one of his comrades, and he physically halted his yelling with a sharp crack to the jaw via spine. When Bethiru realized what had happened, he couldn’t hold back the snort that came from him involuntarily. That small noise caused him to lose his position within the Defense Division.
Now that his love was taken away from him, all he could do next was wait for another to notice his talents. It eventually happened. One day as he was practicing his camouflage, he was noticed by a passing by Glador, their King’s enforcers. Asked back to the castle, he obligingly displayed his skills to the king. His ability to shift into four different tones, and his ability to have five separate spines come out of his body at once, even though he only favored the two. Graciously, he was asked by the king to stay and train with his other Enforcers until he fully mastered his body. Needless to say, he accepted.
A century later, after having long since been a member of his King’s Enforcer/infantry which specialized in infiltration missions, he’s pretty confidant with himself. Parents now paying attention to him because of his newfound rank in society, but he does not indulge their attention seeking ways in the least. Sent on a special mission by the King himself, he was sent to infiltrate a neighboring kingdom’s castle and assassinate the prince… He was caught. But instead of being killed off right, he was chained to the ground and tortured for information. He did not offer any whatsoever. Kept there for days on end, beaten over and over, the King would not have him killed until he gave him the smallest bit of information about where he was from. After a good month or so, the King finally gave up and sentenced him to death. But a day before he was issued to be hanged, he escaped with the help of his spines, which he flattened and used as a machete.
Now, two and a half centuries later, with some change, he has long since left his King and the land, deciding it was time to live his own life instead of grow old in the company of emotionless Enforcers and fat Kings.
He has a steed that he acquired during battle many, many years ago. His name? Why, it’s Beethoven. He did not give him the name, however. His slain previous owner gave him the name. Supposedly he likes music.


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2009-07-10 [Erubeus]: Still editing.
Too tired to finish.

2009-07-10 [Dezmond]: lol i like it fluffy

2009-07-10 [Erubeus]: Thanks.
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2009-07-15 [Erubeus]: I'm sorry.

2009-07-15 [Vou]: Like... like... ugh. There was this type of Hellhound thing I came up with but can't think of the name of the species. :O

2009-07-15 [Erubeus]: Well, go on google and search up Hellhounds. When you come across something that remotely matches the species you had in mind, start making your character.

2009-07-19 [Dezmond]: or or or, just think of something completely different ^^ it doesn't matter what you are lol

2009-07-20 [Vou]: xD

2009-07-20 [Erubeus]: I enjoy people watching my character page.
Makes me feel good. :D

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2009-08-05 [Erubeus]: Eugh..
He would look so much better in color..
And I forgot his rings. c.c

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