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Best Of Your Race Badge Competition



As you've seen you can select a fantasy race personality on Elftown. So this is a competition among and between the races.

Goal: Make a badge

You should make a nice looking badge with the text "Best Elf"/"Best Orc"/"Best Duck"/"Best Human"/"Best Dwarf"/"Best halfling". Then there will be votings about which of each kind that is the best. The winner of each race will get the badge in the badge-slot in their house (If you work together, you'll all get it, but no huge groups please!). The other competitors can only place it in your presentations.


The badge has to be uploaded to Elftown and be of the size 120*136px. It should only contain your own or your group's work.

Note: Yes, you're allowed to be a traitor to your race, and submit entries for other races too.


It should be funny!


Submissions: 5th November
Race-internal voting (boyrbc voting): 15th November
Best badge of all kinds voting: 25 November


Competition created and run by [Hedda]. Ask questions about it as comments on this wiki-page.



Place submissions here: boyrbc
Vote here: boyrbc voting (Winners selected)
Best race badge voting: boyrbc final voting


Winners: Best Of Your Race Badge Competition

<news:[Best of your race badge competition@wiki] ended!>

Duck: By [Duredhel] Dwarf: By [TheRogue] Elf: By [Asrun]

Halfling: By [Duredhel] Human: By [Duredhel] Orc: By [Duredhel]

All submissions: BOYRBC


Thank you to all that contributed!


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2005-09-27 [EmeraldGrizzly]: wow... that was inapropriate and unexpected.

2005-09-27 [Hedda]: It was a strange joke :-/

2005-09-27 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Joke?... ah *realizes the racist part* my bad.

2005-09-27 [Calico Tiger]: We're all bigotted cigarettes now? :O

2005-09-27 [sexy-n-sweet06]: ooooowwww

2005-09-27 [iippo]: *is a cigar* Did I just claim to be fat?

2005-09-27 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Uuuum, I don' think so.

2005-09-28 [eyes of frost]: That was rude. Okay, so we are not allowed to be a traitor to our race, -Scroll through the rules- But it doesn't say how many badges we can make, so am I safe to assume we can make more then one?

2005-09-28 [spiritee]: That's what I was wondering...

2005-09-28 [eyes of frost]: I have asked the question twice and I know alot of people have been asking...but the question still hasn't been answered anywhere that I see....

2005-09-28 [Ocean Soul]: Maybe all this is actually some top sectret undercover mission.. in order to find out how smart Elftowners are, when you leave them alone with questions on which their life and happiness depends.. ...

2005-09-28 [Asrun]: My interpretation is one per race... But I may be wrong.

2005-09-28 [Ocean Soul]: That would make sense.. you can´t be the best of several races at the same time, I guess

2005-09-28 [Sunrose]: '01:44:47 [eyes of frost]: Okay, so we are not allowed to be a traitor to our race' Eh what?? It says the exact opposite!

2005-09-28 [spiritee]: probably typo...huuh, [Asrun]'s saying one entry per race, and [Ocean Soul] is say one entry for the whole contest...? damn the english language >:O.

2005-09-28 [Zab]: one per race, I would guess...

2005-09-28 [Ocean Soul]: I would say one entry altogether.. uhm.. *confused* Imagine you enter all races and your entry gets chosen in each race.. then you´re the best elf AND the best dwarf in one go.. that doesn´t make much sense :-/

2005-09-28 [iippo]: Well it says "submit other entries" as in multiple entries are ok. But a clear limit mentioned up on the page would be golden.

2005-09-28 [Zab]: yes, it says that one for each race is ok. Maybe we can't win more than one, so the best of our badges will be the one we get...

2005-09-28 [Calico Tiger]: It looks to me as if you can enter as many times as you want and as many races as you want :)

2005-09-28 [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]: yeah, i think so too...

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