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BeneficialMinerals - Iced Papaya Eyeshadow review

I bought this item off etsy, so first I'll link you to the seller's page and then to the item page itself.


I'll give it an A+ for sparkliness. It's very sparkly and comes in a nice little round container (and it isn't that much, if you haven't noted that by checking the listing all ready).

Unlike most of my other power eyeshadow it's very... Sticky? I tapped some into the cap and then dipped my brush in and now it's SUPER sparkly in there. It's hard to describe. It went on my lids well (realize, however, I primed them with some Sephora primer first) and it's very sparkly, but there's only a slight hint of color. I'm not sure if it's because this is so light/if I need to "pack" it on more - I'll do some experimenting while I'm not just about to head off to work. (If you don't know, packing is when you place a lot of product on the brush and sort of stamp it on to the lid to make the color darker/more vibrant).

The service was all right, and I might try a darker color later and see if that works better.

Ps - I'll upload pictures when I can find the battery charger to my camera.

/ [Akayume]

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