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2011-08-13 23:52:58
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<Rimg150*0:stuff/Ben_10_review.jpg>It's hero time! Learn about Ben's Omnitrix full of alien heroes, play online games and watch full episodes and free videos from Ben 10 on Cartoon Network.

/ [Joboy.Gamotia]

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2011-08-13 [Joboy.Gamotia]: Thanks for my first review from Elftown!

2011-08-14 [Lord Josmar]: Congrats on your first review Joboy! However, before I can add this review to our list I am going to need you to give more details and information about the website. Remember, the more details there are in a review the more helpful it will be to readers.

Also, if you could add the website's URL that would help.

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