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2008-11-30 16:39:09
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Welcome All Elftown Believers!!!


This is going to be a place to hold our badge contests for whatever we may need them for. We will also put up the polls here to be voted on.


This contest is for the different positions in the believers so as to identify whos who on our houses. Heres the categories:
Believers Managment> [Love and Chaos] - Moderator <poll:76812>
Big Brothers> [Cyrano meets Merso] - Moderator  <poll:76813>
Big Sisters> [Cyrano meets Merso] - Moderator   <poll:76814>
Counselors> [Nocturnaliss] - Moderator      <poll:76815>
Believers Recruiting> [Love and Chaos] - Moderator <poll:76816>
Coffee House Innkeeping> [Byne] - Moderator   <poll:76817>

The dead line for this contest will be Nov. 25th, Or 7 entries per section. Which ever comes first. The polls will then be set, and voted on.

The rules are as follows:
1) The art must be your original work. NO STEALING!!
2) Only two entries per person, per section will be allowed.
3) The badges must be appropriate.
4) And finally, the badges need to follow in the theme of I Believe in Elftown

So there you have it, the formats are on the pages. Enter in, and may the best person win. And as of now there is no prize for winning other than the knowledge that you won, and of course the bragging rights. So go now and have fun!

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This competition was suggested by [Love and Chaos]

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2008-09-01 [Ramirez]: I'm going to edit a few things to make it pretty, is that all right?

2008-09-01 [Love and Chaos]: Yeah sure man have at it. This is just the rougher outilne for it.

2008-09-02 [Love and Chaos]: Love the clean up rami! excellent job.

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