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[Kiddalee]'s Beef Stroganoff Simplified

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This is more an imitation of Hamburger Helper than a gramma-faithful recipe. A wok is great for this recipe. Serves 2-3.


1 pound beef (1/2 kilo); I just use ground beef, but if you like using sliced stuff, and are good at it, go ahead
2 onions
1 green pepper
some mushrooms

powdered beef stock
spices that smell good, maybe dill and garlic

1 tbsp (15 ml) butter

2 cups (uncooked) (500 ml) noodles
  or whatever makes two servings according to your package directions


Toss the beef into the pan and heat it up while dicing onions.
Add onions - there should be enough fat in the beef to cook them. Saute the beef in its own fat and in the onions.
Dice and add mushrooms.
Keep stirring to make sure everything cooks evenly. Add pepper and spices.
When you are satisfied that the beef is cooked or nearly cooked, add diced green pepper.

Have you started cooking your pasta yet?

Now we are going to add the ingredients of a roux without having to dirty an extra pan:
Add your butter to the meat mixture and stir until it is melted and blended.
Dust it with flour and stir until all is coated. Keep dusting and stirring the flour in until you have a satisfactory, even coating.

Add milk to just cover and stir constantly until it is thickened and blended. This is a good time to add and test the amount of beef stock.
When your pasta is ready, drain and add to your stroganoff. If there isn't enough sauce, you may add more milk and beef stock (and spices).
Keep cooking on low until you feel the milk is thickened enough and the tastes are right.

Variation: The Chicken Version

Substitute Ingredients:

2 chicken breasts for the beef
a little cooking oil or butter to get your sauteeing started
red pepper for the green pepper
chicken stock for beef stock
though mushrooms were always optional, they're more optional here

Cook the outside of your cubed chicken quickly, then turn the heat down to cook the inside more gradually. Just make sure it cooks.
The rest of the instructions are the same as for beef.


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