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How to become an Author

This page should have all the information you need in order to write an Author Application, send it in to us and get it accepted. It is also the page where you post that application. If you are confused, ask in the Comment section on this page and we'll tell you what to do.


Making an Application is pretty straight forward, you simply copy the Application Form below into a text editor of your choice and add the required information.
When the Application Form is finished you have two options.
1: Create a new Wiki-page named "Your Name WFR Library" and post your Application Form there, then post a link to that page in the Comment section here.
2: If you feel uncertain about creating a wiki-page, or is not a member of Elftown, you can simply post the entire Application Form in the Comment section on this page.
When you've posted your Application, moderators will give it a quick look to make sure that all information is there and then add it to the WFR Authors page. After that is done you're free to post your works here.

This is the Author Application Form that you use for becoming an Author. Simply copy it and then paste it into a text editor, then fill in the information.

<u><b>Author's Name:</b></u>
<h1><center>Author Name Here!</center></h1>

<u><b>Username/Contact:</b></u> [USERNAME HERE!] -or- WayToContactAuthor(at)

<u><b>Age:</b></u> Well... how old are you?

<u><b>Fiction Genre:</b></u> Fantasy? Sci-fi? Both? Other?

<u><b>Stories:</b></u> 1. A fantasy story - It's a story about this guy going to that place fighting nasty stuff with his magical swordaxe
2. A sci-fi story - It's a story about this guy flying to that place in that spaceship with that crew.

<u><b>Other:</b></u> Random information about the Author/Stories.

<u><b>Developments and Updates:</b></u> When was the last time you added a story?

This is what your Application will look like when finished.

Author's Name:

Your Name Here!

Username/Contact: [USERNAME HERE!] -or- WayToContactAuthor(at)

Age: Your age

Fiction Genre: Fantasy? Sci-fi? Both? Other?

Stories: Your works will be placed here in a numerical list.

Other: Information you've chosen to share about yourself.

Developments and Updates: The last time you added a new story.

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Username (or number or email):


2008-01-05 [Kim_Lundin]: This section should be ready for work, if anyone wishes to help moderating it when the Library gets going, please tell.

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