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2005-07-21 15:11:40
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Cowboy Bebop Banners

Feel free to add your own Bebop creations here!

BANNERS MADE BY [Phoenix Tears]






please note that the small fuzzy words at the bottom say see ya next time cowboy!

I love this a lot and I made it! my best wiki banner yet!

I like this one too! it is the same thing as the white pic but it has inverted color.


adult swim inspired ^_^

it's my first couple of banners.. for anything... but plz use them![Sweet_lil_kitty]

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[Phoenix Tears]: thank you [Princess Carwash]!! ^_^

[Princess Carwash]: any time!!!

[Phoenix Tears]: OMG I LOVE THOSE!!!! *stares in awe and drools*

[Chiharu]: okey dokey stupid question but can we use these banners to put in "your house"?

[Phoenix Tears]: you should be able to, but if the guards take them down then.... we'll make new ones if that happens ^_^ lol

[InuzukaKiba]: well, if you put the names of the pics under them, it makes it eaisier for people to use

[Phoenix Tears]: gosh, we need banners that we can actually put on home pages :(

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