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A WFR Guild Character Race Page

Information about Beastial Humanoids as player characters, and cultural distinctions among WFR Stories

A Race of the WFR Char RACE Page
Wiki Fantasy Roleplay and Wiki Fiction Roleplay

Body of Content - Minotaur and Minotaur Castes of Minoa

Faunarian (masculine - Fauri {sir, Mr.}, feminine - Faunierha {ma'am, miss, lady}, plural - Faunar)- A magical shapeshifting being of any race, the abilities of a Faunarian are usually passed on from parent to child. Faunar are capable of transforming themselves into any sentient creature of flesh, provided they have some understanding of how different elements of them are composed; for example, the way a wing is formed and moves. Simple observation is generally enough for a Faunarian, as long as they can maintain detailed images of what they have observed to guide the transformation. They have a natural instinct for such observation and find most transformation to be effortless, especially once accustomed to it. However, these abilities are known to skip generations.
The most common race of Faunarian ancestry is the Felynne, although the origin of the shapeshifting ability is lost to myth and legend, many of which are innacurate.
Faunar often travel, and have one major community settled in Tearra Réhm, and some on other worlds unknown to the majority of Jashnian citizens.

Were-people (known as lycanthropes, or lycanthropic victims)
Were-people are members of any race, which have been bitten by another were creature. This causes them to shapeshift into the animal they were bitten by, either fully or in a half-humanoid form. There are many variations on were creatures, the most known would be werewolves. Others are werecats, wererats, werebears or any other animal. There is no such thing as a were version of a magical creature, as gryphons or dragons, though certain arcane rituals and spells can imitate such an ability, or through terrible process make such an ability permanent. Victims of such attacks by lycanthropic creatures often have a tough time adjusting to life as a were-beast. These individuals also often suffer from certain forms of madness and visciousness, both as animals and some even as homids, and are also considered Wild and Savage Races.

A true Felynne is essentially a humanoid cat, and as such, they have fur all over their bodies. The males sport a fine, lion like mane when mature; the females tend to grow long, hair like fur on their heads. Their fur is softer on the abdominal regions and about the face; longer and thicker on their backs, legs and tails. The fur can be a range of patterns and colours, however they are all natural hues, (so no bright blues, pinks or greens thanks!). A Felynnes' eyes are cat like, with elliptical pupils, and can vary in colour, though they are most commonly a grey blue when born and golden yellow when mature. Their ears are also cat like and are of similar proportions to their skulls and sit in the same position just above the eyes. They have a tail like most cats; however some are know to have bobbed tails, but this is rare as it hinders their balance, especially when on their hind legs. Their claws are retractable and they walk on their toes, four to a paw, just like cats. They vary in height, weight and build, but are generally between five foot and seven foot tall when standing on hind legs.
  Many of the Felynne race are known to be thieves or rogues, without honour or respect for any authority. However there are some nobler houses that preserve the codes of chivalry and nobility. Much like humans, the Felynnes are versatile creatures that follow many different lifestyles and have varying personalities. They are more prevalent in the land of TearRem and the continent of Qor, under [Lexicon]'s rule. Typically, Felynnes don't live in Eastonia, but the occasional rogue traveller could find himself on the continent with an iron stomach, if he/she can handle stashing away in the cargo bay of some ship. Many of those that do prefer to settle down somewhere in Eastonia rather than risking a return journey.
  Physical details and traits:
They have slightly narrower pelvises compared to an ordinary cat, with the femurs tilted slightly more inward to facilitate bipedalism (so they can walk upright); however they are still comfortable walking on all fours. They have four toes on each paw, however the carpals on the fore paws are lower, larger and set more to the inside of each paw, acting like an opposable thumb with a short claw that doesn't retract. This “opposable thumb” hangs to the side when walking on all fours.

Raptorian -

   ...are commonly refered to as "Bird-Men" they are born now through the same processes as any other humanoid creature but originally were created when a pheonix merged with a group of humans rather than coming back to life.
  Generally human shaped, Pheonixi have some very different features. One being fully functional wings. Wingspan tends to average about twice the length of the Pheonixi's body. The wings, back, neck and head are all feathered while a tough, leathery skin is displayed everywhere else. Their bonestructure is not delicate but very light. Their bones are not the same as human bones, although they can take about the same strain. The face resembles a bird rather than a human and plumage can take an extrodinary range of colors and displays. Heads range from hawklike to parrotlike to sparrowesque.
  Physical strengths are exactly human in standard with the ensuing range applied. Mentally though the Pheonixi outstrip humans in one particular area. They can become Psionic. Psionic abilities range from communication telepathically to telekinetics (transfering energy to an object to make it move, or stop depending on the will projected upon the object). They cannot read minds or any silly things like that but their empathic sensitivities are far greater than humans. Can speak almost any language if the knowledge is there as their vocal capabilities allow them to mimic almost any sound.
  (For questions or additions to Pheonixi, please message me, [MathiasIV], Thanks! ^_^)

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