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2005-08-12 19:49:06
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He's big, bad, and we love him!
That's right he is...


The most awesome Superstar WWE has right now and this is HIS wiki!
If you like The Animal of WWE's RAW then this is the place for you!

Batista Lovers is the best WWE wiki you will find on ET, for one reason and one reason only...
It's the only wiki that supports DAVE BATISTA!

Welcome to...


Things to see and People to do!

(Did I say that outloud? ~_^ Oops!)

Important Things to Know About Dave
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The WWE wiki List

 A list of other WWE related wikis on Elftown.
(Sorry, guys, there's more than one side to this big guy!)


[Do you know that there are over
650 Muscles in the Human Body...?


I will have some more stuff up here A.S.A.P!
Thanks for bearing with me!
[Archeress of Mirkwood]


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2005-11-21 [chaza1]: i would also like to say RIP to jhonathon and david who died on the 21st of nov 2005. RIP my friends xx

2005-12-10 [tohot4you]: aww you poor poor ppl

2005-12-12 [LovinLIFE]: well besides the bad news how is everyone

2005-12-12 [tohot4you]: yeah NRB's aren't fun when your in a public place lol

2005-12-13 [chaza1]: : )

2005-12-18 [The Rejekt]: :P

2005-12-19 [tohot4you]: you know it

2005-12-20 [chaza1]: LOL

2005-12-31 [LovinLIFE]: what is NRB's? please someone tell me!

2006-07-23 [tohot4you]: NRB's!! lol lol no reason boners!! lol

2006-07-23 [chaza1]: :| anyway i saw gtuns n roses the other day!!!

2006-07-24 [tohot4you]: how was it?

2006-07-27 [chaza1]: fuckin awesome

2006-07-27 [tohot4you]: thats sweet man....

2006-07-28 [chaza1]: oh yes defo that lmao. so whta you been up2?

2006-07-29 [tohot4you]: not to much really just hangin out really...havent really been able to keep up on wwe seeing as i don't have cable or sattelite anymore. but i've been going to work, and hanging out at the beach and just having a good time really

2006-07-31 [chaza1]: yeah that is jut the same for me every part of that lmao ha saves me sayin it

2006-07-31 [tohot4you]: yeah we'd be livin the high life

2006-08-01 [chaza1]: lmao

2009-01-04 [tohot4you]:'s been a while since anyone's been on here huh?

2009-03-04 [Jace Beleren]: my new forum come see

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