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Tuesday evening (The München Hoben evening) at Ättestupan and then the day at the university and BasÅr-Nollning.
Marcus, Liza and Lotta
Look, no poker!
They borrowed a glass of sugar...
Andreas and Lotta
Kilkenny. Note how the beer wasn't out of stock at 23:05 as it was on München Hoben!
Uli (?) and Stefan.
Andreas and Anna
And Oskar
Beer can building.
Ingrid and her French flock.
Oh noe!
Ulrike and Andreas
Wednesday: BasÅr-Nollan playing games while waiting for food and beer.
The tent were eventually built! We so sucked at tent-building in the beginning.
More games.
Camera shot-out.
Tankegången. It's a looong tunnel going under entire A and B building and ends in the D- building. We got the tents from down there.
Linnea isn't sure if she wants beer or cider.
Burn in hell, burgers! The blue masters will teach you a lesson!

Pontus, Stefan and Rikard.
Ling-students showing häf.
A normal häf.
Another häf.
They also did them upside down, lying down, while biking, while studying, two bottles at a time, holding each others' bottle and a couple of more tricks.

/ [Hedda]

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