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Bangs Silverbane

Username: [Hiuko]
Name: Bangs Silverbane
Race: Demon Cat
Age: 200
Weapons: Claws, teeth, punches, kicks, and anything else she can hit you with.
Armor: Fur armor, dragon scale strength
Magic: Transformations between Kitten, Winged Cat, Demon Cat, and Half-Elf forms

Strengths: She is extremely powerful and in her kitten she can easily take down the largest of dogs. In demon cat form she has been known to take down ten dragon’s at once. She is also brilliant and can solve any mental problem thrown at her. When paired with Hiuko they are an unstoppable team.

Weaknesses: She doesn’t have a lot of social experience so conversations with her can sometimes seem lackluster. She also hangs out with men most of the time so she isn’t very feminine. Lastly she will eat a diet of rodents and insects in any form which most people would find uncouth.

Appearance: In her kitten form she is a small, fit in your palm, kitten who’s fur is soft and white with large brown splotches. In winged cat form she is kitten form with small demon wings sprouted out of her shoulders. In demon cat form she grows to the size of a large panther, her hair changes to thick and black, dragon scale strong. She also grows razor sharp claws and very strong incisors. She can let out a roar that even phases dragons a bit and in terms of dragons she is as strong as and as fast as a dragon, both on ground and in flight. This form also sports large demon wings sprouted from her shoulders. She is ridable in this form and she is strong enough to carry two people, but she doesn’t like to be ridden. Her half-elf form is her newest form she can take on her own. She is an extremely attractive female half-elf with long brown hair and beautiful emerald green eyes. She is about 5‘9“ and she has a nice thin figure, but not unattractively thin. She wears a light-weight white shirt with a leather vest and her pants are blue. Her boots are shin high and got over her pants.

Personality: She is nice and always willing to help people. She also has a short-temper when people get in arguments, this has given her a reputation in the dragon community because of the times when Hiuko helped with the dragon councils. She layed out giant dragons quickly and easily just for pointing a finger in an aggressive manner. She likes her half-elf form the most however each form has a specific purpose. She isn’t the best socially. Her conversations aren’t the greatest or most memorable, she also isn’t very sympathetic because she hasn’t experienced the world like normal people. Things like love are the most remote things because she has never felt love before, she doesn’t even knows what it feels like. She hangs out with men most of the time so she isn’t very feminine and she knows what men want so seduction, even during combat, is east for her to pull off against a male enemy. She may seems aggressive and loud at first but don’t worry, besides its mostly Hiuko she’s yelling at and scratching up anyway. Last thing last, she is claustrophobic from people always putting her in small pocket dimensions. She can usually suck it up and find a way out, but sometimes it is so small she can do nothing but curl up in a ball motionless.

History: Bangs was born in a litter of 9 other kittens and her mother was a cat with her kitten fur pattern and her father was a large demon cat with her demon cat fur pattern. She never met her father because he left after consummation but that is normal for cats. 

When she was born her owner, Mrs. Crumpet, found a seal on Bangs’ back and knew someone or something else was born at the same time, and that was Hiuko. She was called fluffy for a long time and when she was ten years old a little half-elf boy wandered up to her. She was just sitting outside the house and when the boy came up to her she instantly liked him for some reason. Mrs. Crumpet noticed the boy and also noticed a light red glow from his right hand, the same glow came from Bangs’ back. They had the same seal and when the boy, Hiuko, touched the seals together a telepathic link was burned into each other and Bangs’ life span was changed to be the same as Hiuko’s. Bangs lived with Hiuko ever since and he changed her name from Fluffy to Bangs on the fact that she likes to bat at and nibble on his long bangs.

After a few years Hiuko was married, blinded, lost his love, quested for her, and they ran into the dark knight. The dark knight fought them both on equal grounds and tripped up Bangs delivering a harsh blow to her. She dragged herself to Hiuko’s rucksack for safety but Hiuko was defeated also. Hiuko slipped in the creek and the dark knight took that opportunity to knock him out. His body floated down a nearby waterfall and the dark knight threw the rucksack with Bangs inside over the edge as well. She knew nothing when she awoke and the potion she recieved cleared up most of her memory but like Hiuko she still had no memory of what happened but they remembered an organization taking Hiuko’s loved one away for some reason, and that was all. Also Hiuko’s homeland, and the fact that he had children was gone too.

After a hundred years of fighting, warring, adventuring, exploring, and doing just about everything she and Hiuko wound up in Elftown. There they learned how to use their seals to soul swap. They could mix souls to get different powers from the other, they could swap bodies completely, or even combine completely and release her demon and his restrictions at the same time, although that happens only rarely. Their abilities with that have even come as far as combining with other people without seals, this comes from channeling soul energy around they can do that with other peoples but only if they put all their soul into it.

Another hundred or so years passed and they reached their 200th year of life. They are both much stronger and much harder too kill than before. One reason is their regained memories. During a crusade to end all war they came across a man that led the dragoons all over the world. Hiuko’s wife, Cheryll Silverbane was a dragoon, she even came from another planet, and she was banished from existance when the General was defeated. She filled in the last blanks and told him of his children before she left. 

Hiuko and Bangs left right away to find his children. In Seoul they discovered they had left however Hiuko’s parents received a wedding invitation for Salina’s wedding. They traveled to the Desert Nations where they met up with two war fighting groups and he found his daughter a few days before the wedding. Hiuko got new clothes so he looked presentable enough to meet the King and Queen of a desert nation whose prince was the one his daughter was about to marry. 
When the fog of amnesia was completely lifted her demon side looked into Bang’s half-elf form as a permanent form not needing the soul swap. The day after the wedding the demon inside her encoded the half-elf form into Bang’s DNA. It was dubbed useful because she is apparently very attractive to men and she knows very well how to seduce men in that form. Also in fights the humanoid form is much more powerful and flexible, that was shown from Hiuko teaching Bangs martial arts so she could fight in that form when they first learned the soul swap. The encoding was painful but after than night she was able to switch into half-elf form whenever she wanted without needing the soul swap. The one problem they are trying to work out is the fact that her clothes don’t meld when she changes form. She can put them on quickly but all in all she’s naked when she changes herself. Soul swap she gets her clothes right away though.

Hiuko and Bangs currently travel the world with a crusade trying to stop all wars and looking desperately for Hiuko’s son Reed who has become a treasure hunter for an expedition team that travels by flying ship. This info was given to them by Salina.

Other: That is Bangs and I think after this long of RPing her she deserves some changes and a bio of her own. However this doesn’t mean that Bangs and Hiuko will be apart. In an RP if I submit Bangs then she will be alone, however Hiuko comes with Bangs automatically. Bangs can handle herself, Hiuko not as much. Also if you are wondering, yes she is stronger than Hiuko.
Check out Hiuko, Hachen, and Icarus Nearanather. Brought to you by [Hiuko]

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