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Ballad of the Woodland Queen

I : A Princess Fair

Once there lived a princess fair,
With hazel eyes and golden hair.
A beautiful princess like no other,
That no veil should ever cover.
A princess she with locks of gold.
A woman she with looks so bold.
A princess she with silver hung.
A woman she with a perfect tongue.
With her voice she sang like the birds.
Her crimson lips uttering words,
Which lowered mountains, tamed seas,
And brought life to lifeless trees.
Her innocence was held in her lips,
Her wide smile and her fingertips.
Her hands she used for kind deeds,
Always for good and for others needs.
Of her virtues many did speak,
Her beauty, her wisdom, her kindness to the weak,
Her strength and courage a against the strong,
How she did rights and righted wrongs.

II : Monster of the Forest

And yet this princess fair and wise
she brought about her own demise
The ladies voice brought life to the trees
who could no longer rest at ease
the woodmans axe they now could fel
as their bark he did peel
From the trees a there came a seed
which they hopped would quench their need
A single acorn to fill their needs
a single seed to listen to their pleads
The seed gave birth to a creature tall
with vicious teeth and looks so crule
It's strength and power where equal to none
Neither force of water nor power of sun.
Stronger than wind and fire as well
The limits of its power no one could tell
Protected With a hide of bark
with sharp wood claws it made its mark
with unnatural powers it tore through the wood
searching as fast as it could

III : ???

*Needs 20 more lines*

The creature sreamed its fury.
it hunted the earth for what had woken it
It clutched the princess and took her to its lair

IV : ???

Into the vault, the prince did ride
In shinning armour, full of pride

the princess sang a note so fair

And while the creature was confused
It's thoughts and felling all bemused
Uncertian wether to love or hate
A moment of uncertianty cealed it's fate.
While it stoood confused, unsure
His sword, across the creature, tore
Across it's neck his blade hit twice
then into it's chest he did slice.
In its chest it's heart he found.
the unnatural life given by this part
the organ black and cold as ice

And so died the creature tall
the higer the creature, the further the fall

*Needs 4 more lines (one couplet, two lines to be finnished)*

Into the vault of the beast rode the prince
his blade hacked at its woody hide
the princesses song sothed the creature
finaly his blade brakes through its neck

V : ???

*Needs 20 more lines*

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2005-09-28 [ArchangelGabriel]: The ballad tells of how the monster is awakened and in the third part it kidnaps the queen. In the fourth it tells of a prince trying to rescue her and the fifth is their happily ever after...

2005-10-22 [Rosie.]: ^^ aww..

2005-10-22 [ArchangelGabriel]: Though the story it is based on is different. I'm using it as a plot element to show how the truth has been corrupted with time.

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