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2004-11-24 21:38:35
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<img:> [Bahamutroy]'s Gallery 3 <img:>


A frame you may use for writing text in
* don't need permission I made it with a purpose and that is being used *




A big undead wyrm, catterpillar style

A close-up on a spiky Wyvern

Me in a Dragon/Human hybrid form


My logo for my site, it freezes and unfreezes on my webpage

My dragon called Pain I use in the Dragon Homeworld to kill slaughter eat drink and play with fellow dragons


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.: Dracology :: Dragon Gallery :.

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2004-11-17 [dr]: #26 reminds me of a wyrm! awesome work!

2004-11-18 [Bahamutroy]: yep somebody told me once that it looked like a catapillar dragon hybrid

2004-12-10 [LiLPsychoke]: een wat??? sorry maar zo goed ben ik ni in engels =P

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