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2006-01-09 18:30:51
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It is the year 2020. Unknown to most of the world, the world is constantly at threat by otherworldly forces. The goverment masks the constant battle of aliens and humans from civillians by enforcing a special group to fight, keeping their battles silent at the same time. This special group were farmed by the goverment themselves, geneticly modified to make them almost mutant like in their abilities, done so by fusing Alien genetics with human dna. The group are nicknamed the 'Baby Squad' because of their youth. The Baby Squad have never failed. Ever.

After a year of quiet, a new threat has come to Earth. This mysterious power is a lot cleverer and much more powerful than anything that ever came before. Is it a new breed of alien?

Or is the threat itself?

Hello everybody *waves* welcome to Baby愛Squad!

This is my ([ghostiegirl])first RP (roleplaying) wiki, so go easy on me!

To join this wiki, just go to Baby愛Squad-the squad, copy off
the description thingymagig and send it to either me or [POG].

Baby愛Squad-the rules

TO RP, GO TO THIS PAGE! Baby愛Squad-RP page 1

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2006-01-03 [Balthizar]: ^^

2006-01-03 [POG]: YAy

2006-01-05 [raynesprite]: HoshiBaby can you post this on the character page <img400*0:>

2006-01-06 [cookie_monster]: O.O Cool pic... hey, [ghostiegirl], when is this RP going to start? :)

2006-01-06 [ghostiegirl]: WOW ITS SO COOL!

2006-01-06 [raynesprite]: -^_^- thanx

2006-01-07 [ghostiegirl]: Hmmm, the RP will start soon...I think we need just one more member...

2006-01-08 [Raiya]: yush... I shal join

2006-01-08 [ghostiegirl]: YAYA!!!!

2006-01-08 [raynesprite]: yeeha! ^.^......XD lol

2006-01-09 [cookie_monster]: goodgood :)

2006-01-09 [taylorrr]: Fringle Pringle, I'm a mingle.

2006-01-09 [ghostiegirl]: mMm..I <3 Mingles...

2006-01-10 [cookie_monster]: YAY!! rp has started!! :D :D

2006-01-10 [raynesprite]: darn I should re-do the pic of armisis....I liked it at first but now I hate it already XD the shape of her face is a little weird

2006-01-10 [cookie_monster]: no! she's so cool! :(

2006-01-10 [raynesprite]: no really I need to, itll help me to further increase my ability to draw ppl

2006-01-10 [cookie_monster]: well, so long as you don't get rid of that one ^ it's really good ^_^

2006-01-10 [raynesprite]: hehe thanx ^_^

2006-01-11 [joeboy]: hi bg when does this thing start

2006-01-11 [raynesprite]: already has XD

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