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Are bare breasts nudity?

This question arose when we were discussing underage nudity; it also applies to things like: if we should put warnings up on houses that contain bare breasts or not.

I hope no one thinks male or child breasts are nudity, because then you're way out of this poll. This is about women’s breasts.

1398) Should breasts be considered nudity by Elftown? (Administrator: [Hedda])

Number of voters: 4943
* a) Yes! They are as bad as genitals!
Number of votes: 195 (4%)

* b) Yes, but not as bad as genitals.
Number of votes: 857 (17%)

* c) Not really.
Number of votes: 476 (10%)

* d) No, it's perfectly normal with bare breasts.
Number of votes: 3118 (63%)

* e) I just want to see a lof of them!
Number of votes: 297 (6%)

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2005-10-01 [Kememmótar]: if offned by it, leave the house.

2005-10-01 [Savior of the Broken]: I don't care if its artistic nudity but if it comes to real breasts, I think I will leave elftown. Firstly, because breasts are included in 'private parts' and are just as bad as the man's 'private part'. Secondly, cybering is already taking over elftown and people are fighting hard to stop it, if people start uploading nude pictures to elftown, it will only make things worse. Thirdly, if it is accepted and I don't leave myself, my parents will make me leave elftown. Fourthly, there are websites made purposely for nude pictures. Why not upload them there or simply go look at them there? There are places for this type of thing and elftown is not one of them.

2005-10-01 [Savior of the Broken]: Sometimes people say that some (please take note of the some) men are only attracted to a woman's breasts. I think that is absolutely horrible and I don't think that any woman deserves this kind of attention. Elftown should not permit it. But I am not interested in looking at other women's breasts so if nudity is going to be accepted, please at least keep the warnings in the members's houses.

2005-10-01 [lillonner]: i agree with most of the comments i have read and i agree with those who say it is a touchy subject, and if breasts become legal to expose then ppl will try for more, then more, then it'll eventually turn into a porn site and thats not what this site was created for but if ET can make specific rules on how the exposer is handeled and if there are warning then i dont think it will be such a big deal.

2005-10-01 [Mr.Scoop]: Aye aye!

2005-10-01 [therrawyr]: But wont it become a 18 or older site if it dose?

2005-10-01 [Kitsune Arashi]: It kind of already is... or was rather. Most people who started this are either eighteen or older. After all this is a place for artists and writers and most of those who enjoy sharing are about that old... I suppose...

2005-10-01 [BarleySinger]: ah, [Savior of the Broken] there are already breasts on the site in drawing and paintings all over the place...also in photographs of people who are over the age of 18. They are right here on elftown and have been for quite a while. There is a photographic reference for nude art on the site, though I do think that it a "forum resticted" set of wiki pages, and that you have to be 18 to join and use them. As for images of people under 18. That is illegal. It is against the site rules. You see, once upon a time photographs did not exist, and so people made paintings, and the really reaslistic ones were made by using lenses and mirrors to cast an image of the model onto the canvas (just like a camera)

2005-10-01 [BarleySinger]: Now that photo DO exist, and people want to be better artists, they have the advantage of not having to attend an expensive "life drawing" class. By the way, not everyone believes what you believe about nudity, breasts, and all that. In fact a lot of the worlds population have no problem with it. Here in Australia, or in England, or anywhere else in western Europe, or pretty much all of South AMerica, you can see the female breast unclothed on prime time TV (including shots of mothers nursing their babies with nipples showing on kids TV shows) and nobody bats an eye. THe government of Australia has a "Workcover" ad in which a lot of nude people make up the shape of a nude person.

2005-10-01 [logan666]: ummmmmmmmm..................breasts

2005-10-01 [hanhepi]: is that how they did it? good lord, no wonder my stuff drawn from life never comes out quite as good as old paintings.

2005-10-01 [BarleySinger]: Go to any beach in Australia (even Bondi right ne xt to Sydney) and you will see topless women getting a tan. THey made a law makig it illegal to snap cell-phone pics of the sunbathers by the way. Go to Africa, and being topless as a female is normal all the time in a lot of places. Breasts do not mean sex, and sex does not mean evil. There is a companion site to Elftown called "Elf12" where no nudity is allowed. It is for younger kids and those who mommies and is suppoed to be kept "rated G". I do agree with the idea of keeping photographic nudity off of peoples house pages (looks too much like an advert for sex), and keeping it on Wiki's were people must apply via a forum to get in.

2005-10-01 [Vampire-King of the night]: Sciens say that its healthy for man to look at womans breasts.It gives us longer life.Because it calms the spirit and mind.Relaxes a person. But where you see the naked breasts depends on thr surroundings.Theres a place for everything...

2005-10-01 [pauli]: I don't understand why some people think there is something bad about nudity. Those people must be mentally sick. And why should children not be allowed to see breasts? After all, breast are used to feed children.

2005-10-01 [weasel6]: very very true. as you can see brests are not wrong nor are thay discousting thay are simply a part of natcher that is comepletly normal

2005-10-01 [its all about us]: i really don't understand why people think nuidity is such a bad thing if its art its art!

2005-10-01 [weasel6]: exactly

2005-10-01 [weasel6]: how do you get it to say message to all on every ones site

2005-10-01 [wiccan nightmare]: ummm yeah i have no problem with breasts being in houses.....its so not considered nudity and if it was then boys in there houses should not be able to show there

2005-10-01 [weasel6]: insid & outsid it shuldent mater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - _ -

2005-10-01 [~-+.My Brain Melted.+-~]: All I have to say is that if breasts are continued to be shown, it should just be artistic, not whores showing off to random people on the internet to get to cyber. And keep the warnings, too. That's all.

2005-10-02 [small and mighty]: well depends if its a drawing or a TASTEFUL nude photo its all righty by me but if its just some skank with barearse breasts get the EFF out of elfwood!!!!!lol just my opinion...not tryin to offend peeps but...hey nudity can be carried too far...especially when kids are here under the age of 10 yeah breasts ae meant to feed children..but not 11 year old children.if a girl is just showing her boobs to some randome people not knowing who they are....well thats just kind of nasty really...

2005-10-02 [bluestarfruit711]: i dont htink that its a problem if people want ot show them selves off then i guess they can

2005-10-02 [lovebunny]: i am a girl and i don't care if they show that stuff on here

2005-10-02 [spoonpixie]: it all depends if its gal with em out or if its a nude painting....

2005-10-02 [spoonpixie]: ones art and the others desperate for attention.

2005-10-02 [Rondel]: Technically, 10/11 year old kids aren't supposed to be here on Elftown at all -- the rules require that members be 13 or older (hence the fact that the companion site, Elf12, is for those who are 12 and under). And, as these comments have shown, standards as to what people are comfortable with varies -- so, in order to accommodate both the laws (which in many places say that it's illegal for underage persons to view nude photos over the web, much less display nude photos of themselves, with "underage" meaning different ages in different countries) & people's differing comfort zones, I'd say that a combination of warnings, & content/age settings for each image or wiki, would be best.

2005-10-02 [Rondel]: As for the rest, what I seem to see as a "middle ground concensus" here is as follows: no nude photos of the person on their House page, but non-photographic nude art is fine, both on House pages and in Wikis. Nude photo wikis should probably be age/forum-locked, though there's some question about artists' reference galleries; nude art, on the other hand, is fine, but should all nude pages should include a warning, allowing those who do not wish to see nudity (or who are underage, or whose legal guardians don't wish them to see it at their current age) to bypass pages which contain it. I'd love to see a setting which automatically skips pages with nudity, & I'd like to see some warnings

2005-10-02 [Rondel]: differentiate between photgraphic & non-photographic nude images. Many people are not bothered by nude sculptures, drawings, or paintings, but would prefer not to see photographic images of people's primary or secondary sexual anatomy. I think it would also be ideal if the warnings differentiated between nude art & nude web-cam or other random snapshots, so people's "flashing the webcam" isn't categorized the same way as a nude drawing or photo or photomanipulation which involved careful design & many hours work by a skilled (or even student) artist. As it is, the warning on my own House page (due to one nude pencil drawing) is the same you will see on the Houses of exhibitionist members.

2005-10-02 [vampkiss]: maybe one way to solve this issue is to ban any nudity on the profile page, but allow a link to a wiki where artsist can show their work. if there was a warning with the link then there is no argument about wether the person intends to visit that page at all. this would allow artists to showcase their work, but also help filter out the crud that seems to be polluting elftowns pages.

2005-10-02 [Calico Tiger]: Actually, Rondel, there is no age limit on Elftown :) Elfwood has the age 13+ limit on it.

2005-10-02 [-Aleta]: Even with an age limit it seems pretty obvious to me that most of the nudity pics around here have very little artistic to them, please don't let this site become a playground for horny people.

2005-10-02 [naughty cowboy]: will this poll change a thing?

2005-10-02 [xlilkikix]: If you can show breasts, why can't you show penises? HMMMM? Give the girls some excitment!

2005-10-02 [account terminated ***********]: Breast are quite lovely....penises on the other hand can be taken quite personally....I you are going to have nudity on you page you should at least have a warning at the top of you description saying that you page contains it and not to scroll down if you are under age or too immature to handle it...on the other hand yes please give us girls so excitement

2005-10-02 [pauli]: I can accept that warnings are displayed on pages that contain nudity, in order to keep out people who have mantal problems about nudity. However, such warings should really not be needed, since nudity can not harm anybody. The propaganda against nudity, the brainwashing that makes people feel shame and guilt because of their natural insincts, that is definitely harmful. Therefore there really should be warning when such propaganda is written, and children should not be allowed to read it so that their minds would not be poisoned.

2005-10-02 [Aidan Ryuko]: :) breasts are fine, with most art you can't even see they are bare either, some people draw clothes and it's almost real =0 really cool to see, penisses.. they shouldnt be in the open >.> make a nice penis wiki:P or look for horny guys, it isn't really an option, in fact.. hedda would get trouble with official goverment people, i wouldn't want my niece or sis to see random penisses of weird people.. or worse.. of me =0 (not that id do but think about it, your own relatives could see it) breasts aren't that bad, on tv it's legal for day-time shows (in netherlands anyway) and on much beaches it's considered normal, cybering the unwanted is a bigger problem then underaged people seeing breasts

2005-10-02 [etch-n-sketch]: elftown's age limit has nothing to do with anything because there is no way to tell if people are actually obeying it. for instance i could be 10 yr old posing as an 18 yr old. And the breast issue wouldnt be an issue if some people had some taste. i havent gone searching for houses with breasts but i am almost absolutely sure that people have them posted as turn ons for the community, meaning as many have already said to give an invitation to cyber. i believe that a commitee or something should be in charge of sorting through the houses, posting warnings on whorish houses and reasons for exception on artistic breast houses.

2005-10-02 [etch-n-sketch]: my suggestion will take forever to actually begin to complete, but if it is believed that this problem must be solved then it may be worth it.

2005-10-02 [Fictional+Dreams]: I like the extra link idea. With the warnings that it contains nudity pictures. But to put the pictures IN the bios' would be too much, because like etch-n-sketch, some people in E-T might be posing as an older person. -.- Where has the matureity gone here? Would there be any way to put passwords in the links? That way the Artist could check the person out, and see if they would be able to handle the pictures?

2005-10-02 [Aidan Ryuko]: the extra link idea is very good:), you can make protected wiki's but I'm not sure if normal ET'ers have that privilege, that way only people you allowed can look at the certain page, you could also put them in your "friend diary entry" and add people who would like to see.. there are options there:)

2005-10-02 [Namir Art critic]: Most houses and wikis that have breast pics and drawings that i have sen, do have a note saying that they ave partial and or artistic nudity.  If it get to be a problem on houses, ET could have pics and drawings restricted to wiki pages and enforce them to be invite only.

2005-10-02 [Tamati San-Rico]: i dont care if there are bear breasts on the site, i mean c'mon who doesnt like breats!?!?!?! lol

2005-10-02 [sean01]: breasts are good

2005-10-02 [Haziel]: Rondel in my opinion, has gotten to the medular problem, this is a legal issue, not simply a moral one. and I think his propositions are good (as well as the extra-link but that would be instead reallly limitating) the idea of someone posing in order to appear to be 18 is something of moral, again. in that case that person is the one taking that risk and responsability and by having clauses that stipulate that you must be over 18 to view certain wikis, it frees elftown´s administrators from legal responsability. legal regulation should be carefully observed in this issue so no felony is commited unintentionally by having conflicts with diverse countries regulations.

2005-10-02 [darklightofhim]: ok i think they are fine BUT, they are bad in certain ways

2005-10-02 [Haziel]: if you could say which ways, maybe a dialectic process could be done to get a better proposition

2005-10-02 [Nicole]: Well since it isnt up there....I guess I'll post it. I believe any nudity is fine, as long as it's tasteful.

2005-10-02 [PussInBoots]: I am with Pauli hahaha. I like the propaganda warning!

2005-10-02 [*~*Princess Of Snakes*~*]: I beleive that a warning should go up so that if someone doesn't want to see the picture, they will know, but I think the person should be able to say weather they want the warning on the top of their page. I think artistic nudity is okay, but if its pornographic I don't think it should be allowed.

2005-10-02 [I'm gone gone gone]: I'm all confused. I love art but ... some people think that porn IS art... which it ISNT... well maybe but not for ... all age groups. I think the art here needs to be like... 13 - art... cuz we have a lot of younguns that don't need to be seeing that shit... :(

2005-10-02 [Moefuss14]: I think that breasts should be considered the same as a dick. U dont go around seeing penis's all over, so why should u see breasts?

2005-10-03 [Mortaltirant]: Oh come on what is the point of it being's normal no problem things..... and to [I'm gone gone gone] it might do good to the never know until it is tried/ offense to anyone/opposers

2005-10-03 [**Im gonna bite you**HARD!!!]: i just wanna see some nice tits on here

2005-10-03 [Dragon_Lord05]: breasts are something that we are born with it is not something that everyone has not seen before even little children, but yes there should be a warning at the top of the page or discription letting people know if there is nudity on the page

2005-10-03 [me da man]: there should be the warning on the top of the page but of course that would be for the people who are against all this because they are being warned before actally seeing the breasts and if they don't want to see them, just skip the would warn you first anyways

2005-10-03 [small and mighty]: Artistic Nudity is fine by me,but if the pic is some skank bareing her breasts for the worls to see(god only knows who the nasty ones are) then it shouldnt be here.I DO draw nude but the way i do it is for the sae of art..not just for the sake of seeing breasts.Quite frankly I have no respect for people like that.If you are nudist..go ahead and be a nudits just don't act like a skank because you can't get a bf/gf and need to cber..go watch porn where theres less of a chance of young children seeing the breasts.Yeah I know breats are a natural thing they are used to feed mom breastfed 2 sets of twins.I really didnt care to see that and I really don't care to see some skanks boobs

2005-10-03 [small and mighty]: Artistic Nudity is fine by me(continue)take it from the experts and leave some to the imagination..its much more classy,attention grabbing and way more sexy when theres stuff to be imagined

2005-10-03 [Nanashi the Armidillo]: I think that breasts so long as it's artistic is fine to look at, if it has something to do with looking at a real person's chest then no, it's not right.

2005-10-03 [Aidan Ryuko]: what is artistic then:), some people think a map drawn on breasts are artistic, other people think photographing them with the sun behind them making the breasts look like the hills in front of a rising sun, artistic;) where is that line.

2005-10-03 [Kim_Lundin]: There is no line, that's the problem. What one person think is art another think is not. It is impossible to give an answer.

2005-10-03 [Aidan Ryuko]: not impossible but hard, the best sollution I think to make is the extra linking, it does take away some convenience but that way no people get bothered, you could also put a line at where it starts to go to the unsafe zone, like.. breasts where you cant really see they are specificly breasts.. it'd be good if there where some parents to talk to for their opinion.

2005-10-03 [Karess]: this is too big a deal to leave it up to a simple majority, that's all I have to say. especially since the simple majority is just that- simple. and probably horny. i'm not saying nudity can't be artistic. just that most people don't have the maturity to see it that way.

2005-10-03 [Barrassg]: i dont see the big deal with breasts on elftown but full blowen nudity is just not right,

2005-10-03 [Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]: i think that you shouldnt allow them due to the fact that they are considered nudity on certain tv shows and thats bad enough....they should be severely considered nudity...

2005-10-03 [abigael cait]: They shouldn't be considered nudity if presented in an artful way. If it is just some random girl flashing the camera to get hits, that shouludn't be allowed.

2005-10-03 [punk_rockersum1]: i agree

2005-10-03 [Karess]: i agree too. but who's going to make the call? as soon as you allow it, et will be flooded with pervs showing porn. and there aren't enough guards to delete them all right away. if you allow nudity, people will take it too far. i think artistic nudity is fine... but for the thousands of pervs that are on here, i think we shouldn't allow it.

2005-10-03 [mondo86em]: but even if breasts are concidered nudity, artistic nudity is allowed on elftown. I thought this was about if breasts are nudity, not if nudity should be allowed

2005-10-03 [Moefuss14]: Yes, there is nothing wrong with breasts. Its just the fact that you dont go around seeing mens dicks everywhere. I do feel, however, that the person should have an decision on if they wanna have complete strangers who are usually pervs looking at their breasts. It is their own choice. But then I would be forced to call them a slut.

2005-10-03 [Karess]: well it all amounts to the same thing. because if they decide that breasts aren't nudity, then it will be allowed.

2005-10-03 [Moefuss14]: true, but im just stating what i think

2005-10-03 [Moefuss14]: I just dont see, why its breasts. Why women. Because were're sexier than men? I dont think so. I think because men dont like to show their stuff. What makes them think we like to show any of our body parts?

2005-10-03 [Whim]: Actually, I'm under the theory that women really are sexier than men. Women were built to attract men because men are very visual. Since women are very emotional, they don't see what a guy looks like on the outside as much as guys do. Guys are built for utility. Like it or not, we're built to be naturally bigger, stronger, and, yes, uglier. And for the record, you'd be surprised how willing guys are to show off their stuff. It's just that not enough women show interest in seeing their stuff.

2005-10-03 [gotout]: Ermmm.. So? As ElfTown became a porn site? I thought it was about art, and don't say exposing yourself (mainly BREASTS) is art. That's being just pure egocentric and pervert. If anyone wants to show off they should do so in a proper website of that content and not here, where children might see it.

2005-10-03 [sex_69]: I think that maybe if they are drawn than it would be fine, but why would sum1 wanna put their bare chest on this site anyways? it isn't a sex u want that, i'll give u plenty places to go!

2005-10-03 [searching for the light]: Oh my...the last comment made me laugh. What I have to say is this: breasts should be allowed on ET, so long as there is an obvious warning pertaining to the subject. And breasts shouldn't be displayed if it's distasteful, as everyone else has said. As long as it can be considered art, or coming from the heart as emotional or physical beauty, I think it should be allowed. But then, at the same time...Hmmm...what a confusing topic!

2005-10-03 [Theblondphantom]: I am perfectly fine with nudity cause some of my drawings contain it

2005-10-04 [Azul Diemen]: Personaly I think that breasts are just fine... They are part of the human body and if you enjoy showing them off... do so...There are ways to do it so that you dont just look like a skank... but hey, mem have been showing there boobies to the world for eons :)

2005-10-04 [IRULE]: Because majority should and does rule, it would be easier to put a huge disclaimer on the front page over linking all pictures of breasts or wasting loads of bandwidth and energy with individual disclaimers. Sure, it'd piss some people off, but it'd make more people happy (or horny) and that's why majority rules.

2005-10-04 [Mikhul, the Bard]: This is a sensative subject...a breast, is just a breast....but nudity is considered dirty, when it should not be....remember the thing with Janet Jackson? America, and some other countries have been taught to be shocked upon seeing nudity, and since all nudity is viewed as SEXUAL, in the minds of young kids..this is a toughie. I believe that ANY kind of nudity should be able to be on long as there are ways to screen out young eyes. such as wikis on elfpack that dont allow minors to enter...

2005-10-04 [*Night_Shade*]: That's a funny headliner to see on ET lol

2005-10-04 [Aidan Ryuko]: look, it's a personal piece of art! we "show off" our art on our houses!, it's one of the primary parts of this community, each member has own space to put things related to them on it, why is a drawing different then an artistic boob, it's just a piece of flesh, I bet I would love to see a girl that has a tiger print painted on her with bare boobs without feeling a slight perverted thought coming up! it's just beautiful to look at, some people like showing theirselves as nymphs or fairies that are naked too.. they dont want cyber, they just enjoy the fantasy of it, if my friend did it and any of you called her a slut I would chase you people with nets and put you in the "judgemental corner"

2005-10-04 [Aidan Ryuko]: ps. it has to stay a bit normal offcourse, but that counts for any art or photo, some things go too far.

2005-10-04 [witefire]: it would seem in society today, breasts aren't as bad as full blown nudity anyway. it's why you never see male genetalia where as you're always seeing naked and half naked women around everywhere as thought they're christmas ornaments.

2005-10-04 [Retsiger]: more Breasts!!!!

2005-10-04 [Gritchu]: Just curious, where are these breasts that everyone is so concerened about? I think I'll need closer evaluation to determine if they are acceptable. ;)

2005-10-04 [Dr. Octogator]: I agree that breasts are nudity, but they can be allowed for artistic puposes. I mean, they're everywhere. You can put a websearch on anythin now and it'll take you to about half a million porn sites so it's not like it's anythin' new. So they are, indeed, acceptable

2005-10-04 [Liamythesh]: I think alot of people are forgetting the fact that the juman body is nothing to be ashamed of, and neither is sex, thus creating the huge taboos we have on everything about the topic today, now I'm not advocating that we all run around naked or cheating on our partners, but I just wish people would realize that sex and nudity come from God too (If you believe in God, lol) and stop being such pricks about it. I was raised in a very open family where stuff like sex can be discussed without embarassment, and no one really cared if we saw anyone naked, because it was nothing we hadn't seen before. And it was acceptable in france and britain to have exposed breasts IN PUBLIC during the same time

2005-10-04 [Liamythesh]: period that they had to cover up their legs and ankles. I think breasts and nudity should be allowed in art, and if someone wants to post a pic of themselves with their breasts hanging out, then I guess that should be their choice, but my question is why do they want to? There are either two reasons: wither they just don't care that they are naked, which is fine, or they want to advertise themselves to the whole wide world as sex objects, which I don't really think is cool, because I believe in the sanctity of sex. I have mixed feelings on the topic, but mostly I feel the world is just a little too conservative lately (and dont call me a liberal either! lol)

2005-10-04 [vampire_hace]: I personally think that Elftown should alow it, but require viewers and posters of such material to be 18 years of age or older. It really doesn't matter though, whether a girl shows her boobs to other people. I look at it like this: a girl's boobs are like a man's car, if he feels it is something that looks good or is proud of it, then he will make note of it. This also proves that a girl does not need to have booby pictures of herself on this site to actually show them off. She could have them on another site and have a link to that site from Elftown. Well, half of what I just said contradicts itself, but that's OK. I personally think that if you are going to continue to censor boobs

2005-10-04 [vampire_hace]: then to be fair to the rest of the conservatives, you would have to censor language and a mother fucking shit load of other stuff, but that's just my opinion.

2005-10-04 [*mimi*]: i belive breasts are fine as long as they are presented in a decent manner (ie: no random dudes genetila stuck between them)

2005-10-04 [aloneyouth]: shame on you ET

2005-10-04 [JAAN]: the male body is more utilitarian

2005-10-04 [Heavenlyval]: I think this is getting pretty ridiculous. Breasts are part of a woman's body, no more. Societies have turned them into sex objects. There is absolutely no reason a woman's breast should be covered. They are a part of nature. I will say that if the picture is done in a sexual way, infering sex then maybe this would not be the right site for it, because there are kids. But as for Breasts in art, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them and they should be allowed. When did we get to be such prudes and feel we have to cover everything up that the Mother Goddess has given us!!!!Women should be proud of our body, no matter the shape or size!!!

2005-10-04 [Moefuss14]: u dont see dicks around so y should u see breasts.

2005-10-04 [Okami]: nudity is natural, male, female, breasts, pinis, *shrugs* if it's erotic, then it's erotic. but it's perfectly possible and fine to be nude without getting horny about it. nude camps aren't a big orgy. people can see each other naked without getting all huffy. this IS ridiculous, if one turns everything into smut, then it's that person's fault, not the image at hand. (of course, some images are meant for that, in which case here is not the place to post them. but the difference is pretty obvious, usually!?)

2005-10-04 [NICTE]: It is half nudity show breasts. It is not bad for some hands or for some fingers.

2005-10-04 [weasel6]: SHUT THEFUCK UP MO FUSS

2005-10-04 [Kitsune Arashi]: That was very inteligent... If you want to get your point across, you might want to actually speak english, because then people would actually listen, instead of blow you off.

2005-10-04 [weasel6]: ITS NORMAL god made us with what we have becase its the way its suposed to be but no we had to make it somthing its not brests is brests butts are butts maby not the pussy / dick butt every thing else is ...well ..normal

2005-10-04 [Moefuss14]: hey, at least my name isn't fucking weasle. Its only my opion and last time i checked u didn't say anything inteligent. besides what makes u think that the women WANT to show their boobs online to pervs like urself. Those who wish to show their breasts are welcome, but i will be forced to call them sluts.

2005-10-04 [Maugan_Ra]: Moefuss14 is friggin retard. I hope he catches on fire. IT'S CALLED ARTISTIC NUDITY MORON!!!!

2005-10-04 [Moefuss14]: are u fucking serious. u only wanna see boobs, because the only other ones that u have seen are ur mothers. Are u sure ur 12? cause ur still not even in HS, so i wouldnt be startin it with a 16 year old

2005-10-04 [Moefuss14]: go suck a dick arse face, plus im not a he. and ur calling me a retard. Ha

2005-10-04 [Kitsune Arashi]: But not all women who show their brests are sluts. Many old paintings are paintings of naked women. There is nothing wrong with showing the human anatomy. If we stop showing it, it's stupid people that will sniker and laugh when it comes to looking at such parts of the human form in science classes. Some people show their bodies, just because they want the attention, but others do it, because it is art and the human form is too beautiful to be covered up

2005-10-04 [Kitsune Arashi]: would you children stop? This immaturity is just pointless

2005-10-04 [Okami]: yes. Kitsune Arashi <3

2005-10-04 [Moefuss14]: im just stating my point, and my point sticks. im just saying that there are too many pervs on here to handle

2005-10-04 [Kitsune Arashi]: But this site wasn't origonaly. It was made up of artists and writers, creative people who wouldn't be bothered by artistic nudity

2005-10-04 [weasel6]: EXACTLY if thay want to make it onther site ok but fuckin saying that stuff is weird thay shulde say fuck it what it is is what it is its the humin body is the humin body and any way ihave a girl friend idont need porn neather dose anyone else ther just a bunch of pervs 

2005-10-04 [Kitsune Arashi]: God... this coversation would be easier on my head if you spoke english...

2005-10-04 [Moefuss14]: tru tru, im just worried about the stalkin type that will send u rude comments about cyber sex and shit like that

2005-10-04 [Kitsune Arashi]: When people do that to me, I simply send them a very nasty message back that makes them either stop talking like that or stop talking to me all together.

2005-10-04 [Moefuss14]: yes. i just took my picture off. and it stopped altogether

2005-10-04 [Kitsune Arashi]: *thinks* yeah, pictures seem to do that. I have a picture of my back up, it's a rather old picture as well and I've been getting several messages that i just don't need

2005-10-04 [Okami]: *nods* it must be the pictures. . . because i've had so much drawn nudity up it's not funny (no porn, of course. i'm just a fan of the nudity=purity thing) and have not yet gotten a single nasty message :3

2005-10-04 [Moefuss14]: thats good. people should treat you from the way they think you are or act. not the way you look,... although looks do thats not the important part

2005-10-04 [Kitsune Arashi]: Yeah, but I'm not getting into that. That'll be a three page rant... maybe more

2005-10-05 [~*♥*Vampire Heart*♥*~]: to [, , , , , , , , ,]: there is not wiki about the topic i brang up!..unless you make one..i will be talking about it here!

2005-10-05 [ikke]: why would anyone want to show their brests here? arent there other websites for that kind of stuff?

2005-10-05 [Inuzuka Kiba]: I totaly agree.

2005-10-05 [Mental Terrorist]: I would love to show my breasts!

2005-10-05 [Aidan Ryuko]: look, I think most of us can agree that art is fine, but using this site as a site to show off or get cyber is bad! it's that simple, the bigger problem is how people react to this. there is no doubt in my mind that artistic nudity wouldnt even be an issue when elftown was still fairly new, but a few years later people use this site to cyber, bug people about the most stupid things and they don't have enough selfvalue to respect themselves or other people. I don't think breasts are a problem, some people ARE, they will go on, whatever rules you set up. I believe that it'd be good to talk about how to change THAT, banners saying "i do not wish to cyber"do not help, reporting only helps little

2005-10-05 [lillithsatine]: i think artistic nudity is fine. there should be a warning at the top of the house saying 'artistic nudity' below, just so that people who may be offended have a chance to leave the house.

2005-10-05 [Number0005762]: i think the voeing speeks for its self 78% said it was fine that means only 22% (that voted ) dont like them. i for one fined it fine but hay thats me.

2005-10-05 [Treelo]: Tits!

2005-10-05 [Moefuss14]: are u stupid playful demon! its called artistic nudity

2005-10-05 [Sacrificialgoat]: As most people have said, artistic nudity is fine, but I mean come on, who wants to put pictures up of their boobs on this thing?!! What is the point in it??!!

2005-10-05 [Moefuss14]: lol. if ur a slut or if ur a perv ull luv it. but since i am neither, i disapprove

2005-10-05 [Aidan Ryuko]: so only sluts and pervs put on bare bodypart-photo's? I'm sorry but that really sounds stupid and narrowminded, look at something like this--> I do not get perverted thoughts when im looking at those doggies, don't you think this is a very nice piece of art or what?

2005-10-05 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: those are cool peices of art [Aidan Ryuko]

2005-10-05 [Aidan Ryuko]: yes id say.. i would hate if elftown took away the privilege of seeing such nice art just because perverted slash narrow minded people ruin it for the rest of us.

2005-10-05 [tigerwitch]: i'm sorry but i think the human body is the most beautiful piece of art in the world, you can draw it in any color and it's still beautiful heh sorry if my opinion is so out there

2005-10-05 [Aidan Ryuko]: true enough witchy, but humans are twisted:P beautiful things almost always become rare things in a matter of time, here 1 more,

2005-10-05 [Moefuss14]: tru. i agree with tigerwitch. but im just saying that many peole might take it the wrong way. many people today have chosen breasts as a sign of sexual intercourse/contact or trying to implie something

2005-10-05 [Winter Bunny]: depends on the exspressions and the rest of the outfit

2005-10-05 [Kitsune Arashi]: I think it depends more on the person displaying it and the person looking at it.

2005-10-05 [Cede]: Im sorry but I don't see the point of putting your breast out there for all to see....thats only saved for marti gras

2005-10-05 [Kitsune Arashi]: i can personaly say that I have gone without a top more than once. It wasn't because I ant to show them off, it was because the people I was with were comfortable with that. I mean honestly, why is it that men don't have to cover their chest, when women have to. They are practically the same, the only difference is that a woman's produces milk.

2005-10-05 [weasel6]: thats wat i sed

2005-10-05 [Kitsune Arashi]: I'm addressing [Cede]

2005-10-05 [Skydancer]: I am not really versed in canadian law, but I do know that in toronto, topless is perfectly legal for both male or female. Anywhere that it would be appropriate in any case. Of course I have no idea just what is considered appropriate in that society. I would think though, for instance, where a man might be riding a bicycle in just shorts, a woman could do the same thing certainly.

2005-10-05 [Kitsune Arashi]: See, I totally agree! .... but that might hurt...

2005-10-05 [weasel6]: me to

2005-10-06 [Razariel]: I love drawing nude women, not because it's perverted and "hot", but it's one of those artistic figures i find interesting to do. Bare breasts, even in artistic nudity, is mainly just a concern from fairly protective parents. ^^;;; I think people don't like women topless (as opposed to men) because it can attract a lot of unwanted attention... (that's just my opinion)

2005-10-06 [champagnebommer 77]: As for me, I just don't care either way. If I want porn I can go anywhere on the web and get it for free. All I use ET for is to stay in touch, share pics, chare laughs, whatnot. If people want to expose themselves on ET I don't care.

2005-10-06 [Kitsune Arashi]: But elftown wasn't made for people who want porn, it was made for creative, artistic people who want to share their ideas and stories and such. This was never made to be a porn site.

2005-10-06 [octopus009]: I'm a man of pro choice and I always felt that bare breasts were never a big deal..what the big deal is is that they aren't allowed to be's restricting a woman's right to choose if she wants to go topless at a place where it's appropriate or not a big deal. Artistic nudity as well. I also think that there are way too many sensitive people in the world..I mean I'm a strong agnostic but what would your god be more concerned about? Bare breasts or a war killing thousands of people? Thought so. On ET it really won't bother many I don't think..I mean the poll shows that alot of people don't mind..I mean it's a person's choice to reveal themselves so why is it so bad?

2005-10-06 [Kitsune Arashi]: It's bad because people take it the wrong way. It's bad because if you want to show a naked woman there are far too many people on this site, and a good deal of them aren't even over the age of sixteen, that will message someone just to say that the picture made them want to cyber. Both men and women have breats.

2005-10-06 [layna]: If it's obviously done for purely sexual manners, then yes, it's not right for here. But art is art!

2005-10-06 [Kitsune Arashi]: exactly.

2005-10-06 [SoullessDrifter™]: so what r u talking about? ive been out for a couple days and dont really have enough time to catch up reading

2005-10-06 [Kitsune Arashi]: It's not hard to just jump in, everything just turns over again.

2005-10-06 [MisLuck]: Nudity is part of art, and bare breasts are piece of art it self. They after all are the givers of nectarin of life, and important piece of many pictures.

2005-10-06 [~Elvin Enchantres~]: i suppose it could b considerd ofensiv 2 sum ppol but i'm a girl an i dnt mind as long as its not on my site

2005-10-06 [Aidan Ryuko]: I do think that if art with breasts is allowed (as it should) there will remain a lot of people that try to cyber.. they are a problem.. maybe they can be muted^^ they think they talk to people but the people never see the message, in the end they get bored and leave instead of making tons of accounts

2005-10-06 [FudgeStix]: are we on about people just being slutty, or artistic boobage?

2005-10-06 [FudgeStix]: because if it's all in the name of art, im up for it, but there's no need for sluttyness on such prim and proper site :P

2005-10-06 [forbidden-ink]: im a girl! of course i do!!! not!!!!!

2005-10-06 [Mr. Gentleman]: Hmm.... Why is this conversation happening if people are already having their images deleted?

2005-10-06 [Angels Of San-Angelus]: they shouldn't be....the poll clearly shows that most people don't mind bare breats!

2005-10-06 [Moefuss14]: most people being the key word, although there are some who have thought other wise

2005-10-06 [CyCL3]: theres a fine line between porn and art.

2005-10-06 [Kitsune Arashi]: Well, though I am one of the people who said it was alright to show bare brests, I have to admit that poll doesn't have a difference between 'sure! I like porn!' and 'If it's artistic'. Thats the problem. Yes, I agree that it should be allowed, but porn should never be allowed on elftown.

2005-10-06 [Skydancer]: If I were to really sit down and think about it, my opinion would pretty much be this. Everyday nudism, naturalism, and artistic nudity, in any medium would be perfectly acceptable to me, within the boundries of the legalities of the swedish law, since the server is in fact in Sweden. Sexually expressive and explict material would be better served perhaps on Elfpack or in another venue, when that sexual expression is only for the purpose of promoting cyber or real life sexual connections. I do happen to believe that there is something called sacred sexuality, but porn and the random hormone driven exposure of one's self is not part of that. However, I also happen to very strongly support a

2005-10-06 [Aidan Ryuko]: what kitsune said

2005-10-06 [Skydancer]: definate need and responsibily of parents and guardians to be fully aware and supportive of the explorations of children on the net and that they should never, ever, do less than be fully honest and work with their children in developing responsible and safe online habits and friendships.

2005-10-06 [stolenchick2]: Theres no reason that any part of the body shouldn't be shown on elftown. All elftown is is a lot of teens who want to be creative and meet new people and show off there poetry. The human body is a natural thing people should show it off

2005-10-06 [Skydancer]: Ummm. Elftown is not just teens by any means, though teens are welcome of course. Most of the actual staff and the programmers and owners are actually in their twenties, and older... much older... :)

2005-10-06 [Winter_Alone]: art can be art without breasts. Showing breasts will lower the standards of modesty and eventualy lead to pure porn on this site!

2005-10-06 [Okami]: sounds like that lovely 'slippery slope' deal, mm? the same could be said the other way around. 'cencoring breasts will highten rules and eventually lead to cencoring EVERYTHING on this site!'? *shrugs* i don't believe either sides, mind ye, but showing breasts will only lower modesty, etc. . . if one allows it to? *shrugs again and falls over* (excuse my potentially fatal spelling problems, please. >.<)

2005-10-06 [Okami]: do ye have proof to for us to chew on? they said the same thing about gay marriage. . 'it will eventually lead to bestial marriages', etc. . . XD i'm not saying ye're wrong, but i want proof before i go believing that.

2005-10-07 [hitokiri_]: who cares if you dont like them dont get on

2005-10-07 [zip]: Winter_Alone: An unclothed human body, drawn or photographed, can be very beautiful and certainly meet the definition of "artistic". Some girl showing her breasts off in her ET profile is not art, but when we are talking about ART, real art, nudity doesn't really matter. I'm not going to get a hard-on from looking at a statue of Venus, or have my "morals corrupted".

2005-10-07 [Aidan Ryuko]: if breasts will make the standards of modesty lower and leads to pure porn it would be because a lot of people can't handle mature content in a mature way, those people often don't even belong on this specific site, this site is the community of elfwood.. fantasy art/literature, why would elftown let itself change into a community that isnt about the artistic things and fantasy anymore.. look at the common people who bother others for cyber.. and then look at the other group, the artists.. see the difference? the problem doesnt lie in the question if breasts are to be considered nudity, I think most people will agree its ok if it is art.. and that shows in comments as well.

2005-10-07 [Aidan Ryuko]: 1 more thing, restricting the community to breastless things will not help the problems that caused the staff from making this poll!

2005-10-07 [bez]: its all good

2005-10-07 [lilpyro06]: i think breast should be shown

2005-10-07 [dkpalmer]: I think breasts are fine, in and of themselves. The rules over at Elfwood seem pretty reasonable to follow here, as well, I think.

2005-10-07 [enix1]: WTF, this is rediculous. y poll if the pix r gone? it is art, but it can offend some ppl

2005-10-07 [I the exotic dancing fairy]: i think nudity in all forms should be permissable as this is an artists' site and nudity is an art form, as long as it's not porn

2005-10-07 [Karess]: you just contradicted yourself. nudity in "all forms" includes porn :P

2005-10-07 [Shinome_Roxy]: I think it should be aloud to a certain extent. Such as others have said, artistic nudity is different from porn. And I'm with artistic nudity, but not porn, that's something you can do out of elftown.

2005-10-07 [Deleted/ its all about the myspace!]: i say yess to poposition Breast!! haha

2005-10-07 [seregraukar]: Well, from the anatomic and medical point of view, breasts are not bad. They are just a pair of lgands, with perfect physiologic functions. They are not bad. From the artistic point of view, they aren't bad either. They are just parts of the complete anatomic study. You can't just neglect them. Artistic nudity has nothing to do with porn, you can't even dare to compare them. Of course, i'm with artistic nudity, not with porn. I think ewlfwood shouldn't ban pictures with artistic nudity which involves bare breasts. 

2005-10-08 [Rainsong Greenleaf]: there are always going to be people that disagree... and those that will be offened... but artistic nudity is totally acceptable... if someone is offended by it... then they shouldn't look... no one makes anyone look at houses that have artistic nudity... breasts have been portrayed in paintings and sculptures for centuries... and it's just lately becoming an issue... its not the art... its the observers minds... if someone is offened by it... then thats them seeing it in a pornagraphic way... in other words... those who are offended... are not seeing it as it was meant....

2005-10-08 [Mortaltirant]: preach the truth... A true understander.

2005-10-08 [randomguitarguy]: i think boobs are cool

2005-10-08 [New account elsewhere]: Eh it the human body. But there should be warnings and stuff put up.

2005-10-08 [blooke]: what's so wrong with showing breasts? they're just like men's boobs, only bigger

2005-10-08 [Paapuu]: Karess: [I the exotic dancing fairy] did not contracic himself, really...Porn is described by google as "exaggerate sexual intercourse"..Porn includes nudity, but in no way IS nudity. So, no he did not contradict himself. NUDITY is an art form. It is also a human state of being. For example, "The lady is nude". Which means she is nude. It is not pornagraphy. And I think personally if anyone does show know, by flashing their cheast in a obviously provacative manner, then they should be banned, where as if someone were, say, to strip nacked and sit by a tree for a photo, this is art...not PORNO

2005-10-08 [Paapuu]: But to reiterate the situation, there are picture in Elftown, mind you that have nacked men jumping in the air, their...or shll i say HIS genatilia fully exposed...But he is obviously doing it for art, and not porn. So if we can handle a man's penis...why not a womans breast? And I think that [zip] has a very good explanation. I do not think any mature individual will see "The Birth of Venus" as something to masterbate to. So, I think Elftown has wonderful gaurds and that they, with the vote for breast will efficently see to it that porn is kept from elftown. And that is all that you need to know. t

2005-10-08 [Paapuu]: If you do not agree with the vote of the majority, then I am sure you are most welcome to never return. There is always, if you who are unwilling to compromise are interested. And it is also true the Elfwood has the nudity situation pretty nicely handled, so I think that Elftown should follow in that example and in my personal opinion again, this too will be just fine. 

2005-10-08 [small and mighty]: Artistic nudity should be allowed yes,but if its just some girl showing off her tits then no.i came to elftown hoping to find other people interested in art like myself.not to see girls smiling in the camera holding their shirts up for all to see.yeah i can see having a nude photo being artistically covered or if your an actual nudist..not just to get attention.know what i mean?and as to breast being portrayed in painting ans sculptures yeahh i know...but the women in them werent just showing off their tits to get attention.and the girsl who show boobs off just to show them actually kinda whorishi draw nude figures all the time for the artistic side not the sexual side......

2005-10-08 [small and mighty]: i draw nude figures all the time for the artiistic side not the sexual side......

2005-10-08 [Hunter_Killer]: Artistic nudity is good, I agree, and a bit of tasteful boob now and again is good for the soul. But all-out porn; no. I trust people to be mature. Watch me be wrong.

2005-10-08 [small and mighty]: lol.....

2005-10-08 [miles tails prower]: my guess is you will be vary vary wrong from most of the people ive met on here

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