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2006-09-25 14:10:10
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Avril Haters United




[A.D.D] I can beat that. I'm the one who shat on it.
[EARTHWORM MOTHERFUCKIN' JOE.] My mate shat on an Avril CD the other day. Beat that, guys.
[Forget to forget me.] Now.. how am I going to kill this poser bitch without anyone knowing...?
[Make Damn Sure] Avirl should die
[If I was a gummi bear] All i can say is HATE!
[lil funky squirrel] ya!I love hating ppl!
[Zacks Pixie Bitch] ...Didnt she die..?
[Creaming Jesus] We should go to one of her concerts and shoot her down then sell her body parts on ebay
[ToxicBlackMess] Avril is a poser with unusually large sholders :/
[dendrite.] she called pink a poser *throws knives at avril* pink is no poser XD so avril must die!
[burntashes] i really dont mind her right...stabs avril in back yess!!!!8)
[pierced up princess]she is the dombest person EVER!
[angelique_demise] avril needs to be blown up or something...i hate her with every fiber of my being...every piece of my soul...her and brittni spears...
[h.i.m.gurl] i hate avril her songs r so annoyin she needs to die!
[†bLaCkRiBBoN†] avril sucks, SO THERE
[i need to improvise] i cant stand her...*sudders*
[Char.]Why'd you have to go and make things so... *stops and looks around* hahha =|
[me matas] averil must die at my hands
[Graffiti Hearts] i hate her with a vengence. pitch fork at the ready..WHOS WITH ME!?
[Nee'lahn] hell im with you..she is fake and her music is fake..she's just uuggghhhh...
[laughingCity] Just looking at her makes me feel gross!
[Fushigi Rockna] God i hate her! stupid racoon! ><
[stink 18poo] Why'd you have to go make things so constipated??? BECAUSE AVRIL LOOKS LIKE SHE IS
[dimmu_borgir3212] she is a dumb bitch and her music sucks dick!
[*KillJoy*] She is such a poser!
[werso anxious 2b 2gether,2gether indeath] damn! she pisses me off. and her music sucks, just like her!
[Crying Crimson Tears]die bitch die. she is so fake it makes me sick. im tired of people saying i look like her.
[goneawaynow] God damn it I hate that fucking poser and how she thinks she invented the tie look, my mom wore a tie before this fucking bitch I swear I am going to kill her some fucking day
[Teufelsweib] stupid pandabear look-a-like with those eyes.... DIE FUCKING BITCH!!
[Lost_soul_of BrandonLee2]
[pretty in blood] Advil Losange!!
[a faerie tale] is she dead yet?
[stoopid] she should burn!
[Smile Addiction] DIE!!! *grabs a kitchen knife*
[C-vicious] kill her now!
[0 0 0 0] >:( Kill her for me... please!! 
[Fat Chubby Penguin]haha what a poser....she can't sing or play guitar..that's so sad!
[SILLY..(BETH)] shes CRAP 
[Pyro_Angel] she is ok......NOT she is a frickin poser who cant sing wirth shit!!!! 
[Account No Longer Active] I don't think she should die, I just think she needs to....yeah...she does need to drop dead sometime SOON.
[SBRLexa]OMG! I can't stand to see her face! And the fact that she's dating Dereck Whibley from Sum 41?!? Biotch.
[SUD] U tell 'em! Ya,know it is kinda a shocker,about the Dereck Whibley thing.And I have seen Sum 41 once or twice and I have a question is he the lead singer???
[more meredith please!] dear g-d shes rich, white, and FAMOUS! why is she always so "pissed off"?! shes not anything but a poser.
[Crow T. Robot] she's a retard and a poser
[clownsies] its amazing how stupid posers can be......talke avril for example...........
[Following my brother.] Yay I hate Avril!
[.12.] I hate her
[*~*Honey*~*] o my i hate her
[IX.Dollface] Saddest fucking thing to EVER give Canada a bad name >__< I hate her with every inch of body, BLEH RACCOONY POSER BITCH!!!
[Je Vous Aime] ugh... she's so... just... ugh.
[Qqqqqqjdidbfjd] ive hated her forver V_v
[Tolmeni] According to the insane vampiress countess Erszebet Bathory, bathing in woman's blood will make you beautiful. If you bathe in Avril blood, you will probably die of spontaneous skin cancer. DIE AVRIL.
[Anthrax] i hate her!! and her music she sucks ASS!!!!!!! grrr
[Broken Alive] she should curl up in a corner and die
[~Nameless Dream~] mwahahha,anger!
[* Pink Cherry *] oooh many avril haters cool me hates her big time !
[earthkynd] yea, she's as punk as blink 182 or simple plan  fake fake fake!   delete her!
[Metalelf] this what passes for music nowadays? *shakes head in dismay*
[~username~] Usually I'm open-mended when it comes to music, but I just don't like her songs. she sings about things she doesn't even know.

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2005-12-31 [The Messiah]: i would pay to see it ^^

2005-12-31 [clownsies]: lol

2006-01-03 [~Nameless Dream~]: ^_^

2006-04-03 [Ares, Vampiric Angel of War]: AND BREAK IT............. ON HER FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (gasp) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

2006-04-12 [~Nameless Dream~]: .....yeah...o.O

2006-06-09 [Metalelf]: Oo...just added my name onto the list, hope that's OK :)

2006-06-10 [The Messiah]: Sure it is my friend... sure it is... the more the merrier =P

2006-06-11 [Metalelf]: Yay *is merry*

2006-06-13 [The Messiah]: looool

2006-06-13 [The Messiah]: Such merryness is admirable my friend. I salute you *salutes*

2006-06-13 [Metalelf]: Yay *does a merry little jig*

2006-06-20 [~Nameless Dream~]: .....O.o

2006-07-31 [Nymphette]: "[pierced up princess]she is the dombest person EVER!"    How ironic.

2006-08-17 [clownsies]: XD No comment.

2006-08-17 [Metalelf]: I'm confused now. O.o

2006-08-17 [Metalelf]: I'm confused now. O.o What just happened?

2006-08-17 [clownsies]: Who really knows.....

2006-09-14 [~Nameless Dream~]: ....does anyone ever???

2006-09-16 [Nymphette]: I was basically commenting on the fact that as [pierced up princess] stated that she thought Avril was dumb she spelt it wrong, indicating that she is also, 'domb'.

2006-09-20 [clownsies]: Aah, confusion of the highest origin. And, yes, the irony, the irony...

2008-10-16 [stoopid]: wooooooooooow. lets judge everybody on their spelling. because they should feel like the ingrates they are. stooooooooooooooooped!!

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