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Avariel Elves

A sky-born member of the Elven Races

A female Avariel Elf
Images courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

The Avariel Elven race is one of the more reclusive than the rest of their cousins when they choose to be unseen. Most think of the Avariel as angels or celestials upon first experience. Celestials and Guardinals are different, however, even those that bear a similar semblance, and Outsiders are not openly involved with the evolution of the Avariel lineage, so it is said.
Most avariels spout 10 to 12 foot wing spans.
Avariel are truly elven, said to be the children of the air goddess.
All have marble white skin (which does not burn in the sun), white or black hair and most any eye color. The avariel's tend to be from 5 foot to 6 1/2 feet in height and weight accordingly because of their wings and bone structure, which allows them to fly.
In the history there have been a few avariel who have had unusual hair color, like auburn, not many are found and is are very rare. Because of their hair color, their wings are often the same color.
The avariel race does practice the dying of their wing tips or whole wings, to different colors.

Elven Races
Elf / Elves
See also Raptorian / Raptoran, an aerial race that often settles in Avariel territories, such as Dae'Vyhir

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