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2010-01-29 03:25:27
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Autumn in Texas

Reference Photos done by [sweet.tx.tea].
Free for use. :]

Autumn Trees in Texas
Autumn River in Texas
Autumn Plants in Texas
Autumn Plains in Texas
Autumn Landscapes in Texas
Autumn Upload Page

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2009-10-22 [Alexi Ice]: O.o It;s not autum in MY part of texas yet...what part do you live in?

2009-10-22 [sweet.tx.tea]: Haha. Southern-Central. We have been in a drought, thus the trees are dying faster than usual.

2009-10-22 [Alexi Ice]: Ah I see, much differnt from my north part where it's flooding ^^

2009-10-22 [▲.]: These are so pretty!

2009-10-22 [Cillamoon]: Okay, I've looked at them all and am in LOVE with them all!!!! I'm even more anxious to come and see you now! <3!!!

2009-10-22 [sweet.tx.tea]: Mmmmn, I have not seen much of North Texas. I have seen the Denton region and basically drove up to Oklahoma, but I have not seen it this time of year. :] I am glad you guys enjoyed these. :] I am hoping someone will make something pretty with them.

Cilla, I cannot wait! XD

2009-10-22 [Alexi Ice]: Lol. If you drove to OK you probably drove right through Burk and Wichita, right?

2009-10-22 [sweet.tx.tea]: Possibly...if they are super hick towns. :P

2009-10-23 [Alexi Ice]: Burk is, Wichita is actually pretty huge now! We even have a mix master!!!

2009-10-23 [sweet.tx.tea]: *laughs* I think we did pass through. :]

2009-10-23 [Alexi Ice]: Is't that a sad thig t be excited about? LOL.

2009-11-12 [kamisch]: Wow :0 That's a HUGE selection! And great pics too...This will be a hard vote, if they keep going on like this lol.

2009-11-12 [sweet.tx.tea]: :] Hahaha. Thanks a ton!

2010-12-15 [Danboo]: I live in a southern part of texas, there are some great woods and the sky is beautiful, could I donate some pictures?

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