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Atreya, Companion of Civalya

Player Name: [Sairafaen] also used as NPC by [xido]
Race: G'ni
Age: 5yrs old
Gender: Female
Rank/Class/Title: 8th lvl Druid, G'ni Priestess, Augmented Companion of the Tiahaara Civalya, G'ni Ambassador in Vxa, Byrnie.
Appearance: About 4'6 on all fours, 100lbs., Olive/Brown/Blue skin, Blue/Green eyes, Looks very muscular, frightening at first glance, but has a calmness and sincerity in her eyes. Her skin is smooth, and soft to the touch, but after she ages somewhat, it will become covered in thick armored scales and nodules that are stone-like in appearance.
Skills: Augmented Companion (the Civalya), Permanent Regenerate, Augmented Sonic (breath weapon), Whirlwind Kick, Permanent Forsight, Protection against Fire damage, Resist Element (earth, air, water, and fire dmg), Sidestepping (ethers)
Personality: Calm, Endearing, Mysterious, Honest (sometimes brutally), Quiet, Optimistic, NOT spontaneous, wise, devoted to Tiahaara Civalya but feels she is now an equal rather than a pet, voice of reason for Civalya.
Origins: Originally was a fish that was given to the child Tiahaara Civalya of the Royal Family of Vxa as a gift from her Uncle Myeere shortly before he disappeared. He lived in a magic bubble that was continuously maintained by an amulet Civalya kept with her at all times. During Civalya's many adventures and dangers, the fish faithfully stood by her side. Soon, they realized that the Tiahaara's Uncle had given them both a very special gift indeed. He gave them the ability to meld together, creating fantastic creatures that could be utilized in almost any circumstance. It took Civalya's Shapeshifting to an entirely new level, from 7headed hydras to destrachens, and beyond. The two friends fought side by side until one day, the fish known as Atreyu began to fall weak as if he were aging at a rapid pace. Soon he disappeared, much to the dismay of Civalya. She scryed endlessly until, finally, she caught a sense of her best and most clever friend. She followed it into a G'ni nursery. Upon confronting the Elder G'ni, he explained to her that Atreyu was not Atreyu, he was in fact a she, Atreya. Her G'ni soul had re-entered a G'ni egg, and after incubation, would return and seek to be by Civalya's side once more.

***This is the tabletop version of this character. There will be a wiki specific rendition that will be more balanced as a playable character. But, for now, this will do.***

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2005-12-04 [Sairafaen]: to be continued...

2006-02-26 [Sairafaen]: If anyone wishes to see what a G'ni looks like, please go to this creature page. Atreya is a much younger form, similar to the G'ni on the left of the third image, only smaller.

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