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Ataku Clan Cities, Forest, and Villages

A Clan Territory of Renshunan

The Ataku commoner is either a farmer or a hunter, unless they are skilled in a craft or trade. Honourables, the highest elite of these people, are little more than feudal lords of clan territory within the Ataku region.
Nearly every villager is trained in martial tactics with everything from hand-to-hand techniques to using simple weapons and even farming/common tools to their greatest advantage. Nothing is safe in their hands. They are so knowledgeable because they do not trust the treaties made with the Shiro and the Kuni that claim that the Lung will make only peace with the Ataku region, because the Clan often raids and attacks without provocation or reason, except their same reason they have given for the last two hundred fifty years; They want the southern fertile region for their own uses, so that they can stabilize their quickly-growing community by using fertile agricultural land to grow new crops on. The Ataku people have no interest in deforesting the land as the Lung have done with their own, nor do they believe that the land is the Lung's to take, but their own to defend and protect.
The Shirokuni (a congregation of both Shiru and Kuni Clan members, like a Senate) have made many pacts that have limited both sides from doing many things, but each time the Lung find a way to break the rules the right way, or just to attack and take the reprimands for it later, often because the Shirokuni do not believe in punishment, but Justified Balance and Reason. The Ataku have come to adore justice, revenge, secrecy, a penchant for hiding things in ingenius locations for concealment, as well as a simpler life than most other Renshunese citizens.

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Ataku Clan Cities and Villages



Ataku Forest

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