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Astaire, Fred

Fred Astaire was a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor who still is held in high regard by audiences. His dancing style mixes the grace of ballet with the free expression of jazz, and is usually done to showtunes.
Fred co-starred with the likes of Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, and Ginger Rogers, along with many others, in movies and theatre.

Musical Films
Bandwagon, The
Barkleys Of Broadway, The
Belle Of New York, The
Blue Skies
Broadway Melody of 1940, The
Daddy Long Legs
Damsel In Distress
Dancing Lady
Easter Parade
Finian's Rainbow
Flying Down To Rio
Follow The Fleet
Funny Face
Gay Divorcee, The
Holiday Inn
Let's Dance
Royal Wedding
Second Chorus
Shall We Dance
Silk Stockings
Sky's The Limit, The
Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, The
Swing Time
Three Little Words
Top Hat
Yolanda And The Thief
You'll Never Get Rich
You Were Never Lovelier
Ziegfeld Follies, The

Major Awards
2 Academy Awards
4 Golden Globes
4 Emmys
1 British Academy Award
2 from the American Film Institute
Entertainment Hall Of Fame


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