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2005-11-19 16:17:48
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The assassin jobs
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Job: Hit the hitters (feel free to join)
Reward: 50 each
Description: 6 assassins are chasing TheGreenPlague, two of them are staying in the town's tavern, the other 4 are searching the town.
Progress: Got one! TheGreenplague set a trap after a long chase into the sewer tunnels. The assassin broke his leg when he followed him into a trap. The next moment cold steel of an elven blade struck the neck.
4 left! A tiny kitten climbs a tree by the tavern's south wall and slips through an assassin's window. Shortly afterwards Eriadni leaves the room by the door, slipping a freshly cleaned dagger back into it's sheath.
chase one into the ally behide the tavern and stabs him in the neck and just when i was leaving the ally i caught another in to middle of the street so i knocked himout with a sleeping potion. [Shadow Rakasi] Rakasi starts walking toward TheGreenPlague holding his hands up as if to say "just talk" and I tell him that I am here to help him kill the assassins.

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2004-11-16 [Tekkon KinKreet]: i want to join

2004-11-16 [Tekkon KinKreet]: how do i join the job?

2004-11-20 [mutateddeath2]: go to the "edit this page" button and add on to the progress

2007-10-31 [shadow_walker]: whats this one about?

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