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Asher Kattalakis

Created by [Celtore]
For Darkness Reigns
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Character Name:
Asher Kattalakis
Asher is about 5' tall, weighs approximately 120 lbs. She has one beautiful ice blue eye, and while the left eye still looks like a normal eye, it is really mechanical. Her hair is always changing but at the moment it is short and pink. She has a rosy-pale skin tone with a toned body.
Special Features:
Asher has a few special fingers: one that can turn into a flash light, one that is a multipurpose tool with an end that screws off and interchangeable tips that help in taking apart stuff such as computers, one that is a soldering iron, and one that has a lock pick.
Asher is a cyborg whose components allow her to deal with dangerous technology. Her mechanical eye is able to recognize the different parts of machines and computers as well as any possible problems, breaking it down piece by piece without even touching it. She has skin that is immune to electric shocks and minor burns but when working with smaller components her fingertips become very sensitive and allow her to handle them with the utmost care.
Personality Profile:
Asher's completely free spirited and loving but once she's in tech mode, watch out. You wont want to argue with her or get in her way. She has a great sense of humor and seems to be happy almost all the time. She can ever seem a bit crazy at times when she takes things to the extreme.
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