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Welcome to the Art of Derek [Hendercrazy] Henderson!

A place of enchanting illustrated fantasy... including visions of both the high and dark realms. :D

This art gallery is currently under construction. Every finished piece displayed here is for your viewing pleasure and will even be available to purchase as an art print. Some art might even make it on a t-shirt. Any profits made will mostly be used to purchase more art supplies so I can keep creating and some will also be donated back into Elftown. Please stay tuned...


Most recent artwork that's still in progress...

Art Print: "Dark_Horizons"


Art Print: "Perfect_Balance"


Art Print: "Another_Year_of_Torture"



All art prints are high quality and archival.



There are currently no t-shirts available. :( Please check again later. :)


There are currently no original art pieces available. :( Please check again later. :)

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2008-12-17 [de Morte]: Nothing here yet?

2008-12-20 [Hendercrazy]: Unfortunately, no. Not yet anyway. The originals are massively huge in size... so they're very time consuming. O_O I've also been really busy with some other stuff at the moment. :\

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