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An official index listing of Art Wikis here on Elftown!

Welcome! :) This index listing of Elftown folks and their art wikis was created to make discovering, browsing and following fellow Elftowner's art easier than ever! Sure beats having to spend endless hours searching the catacombs of Elftown randomly and aimlessly!

Index Listing Rules

If you'd like to add your own official art wikis to this list... please be sure you follow these easy rules:
1. List your member name first. (Keep it in alphabetical/numerical order!)
2. List your wiki(s) next. (Wikis must be owned by you and contain your own art!)
3. If you do have multiple wikis to list... please separate them with commas!
4. You may put a short tag (in parenthesis) behind your wiki name to quickly describe what kind of art wiki it is. Examples: (Artwork), (Photography), (Photo Manipulations), (Sculptures), (RPG Characters) ect.

[#A][#B][#C][#D][#E][#F][#G][#H][#I][#J][#K][#L][#M][#N][#O][#P][#Q][#R][#S][#T][#U][#V][#W][#X][#Y][#Z][#Numbers][#Symbols][#Regular Username Changers]


[Adaman]: Art of Adaman contains artwork done mostly by hand in pencil (color or monochromatic), and separated into sections based on complexity of color. Mainly characters of ancient, long gone wiki stories.

[Aeolynn]: Art from Aeo includes (Artwork [Traditional and digital mediums], Photography, Photo Manipulations, Sculptures, RPG Characters, OC Characters, OC Species, link for commissions and link to my DA which has more art there.)

[Aliz]: Art of Aliz (Main art page, with links to art wikis and other information. Mainly anime-ish art, fan art and original, with some random other drawing in between <3)

[Anvikit]: Plush All my creepy and cute stuffed critters. -- Color My World Some colorful artwork :D -- Munny Gallery of my custom toy dolls! -- Art of the pen Visions in written word.


[Cassave]: Cassave's Artsy Stuff (Artsy Bits) First Limbo Concept Art (Concept art for a defunct RP)

[Chel.]: Chel-chan's Art (Everything cute, colorful and fruity)

[Chimes]: Chimes' Manipulations (Photomanipulation), Chimes' Art (Digital, traditional, mixed, WIPs, doodles, yeah)

[Duke Devlin]: Dukey's Art (Mainpage of all art), Duke's Writing

[Dirty DaVinci]: No art-wikis at the moment, but I am open to e-mails from people asking for suggestions on techniques. Visit my site and you'll see examples of my work. Specialized in pencils, ink and digital painting/animation. Hyper-,sur- and realism are my specialty, as well as scientific/medical illustrations. You're all welcome to visit. And thanks to [Hendercrazy] for coming up with this fantastic idea!

[Daisy le Fleur]: Jen's Art old works and WIPS, Shutterfly & Neon Graveyard = my photography.

[Daisy_Sandybanks]: Daisy's Drawings (Sketches and drawings), Artistic Photography (Artsy photos).

[Dark Side of the Moon]: The American Civil War (Civil War portraits)



[Flisky]: Flisk_girl's art drawings and (very few) digital works



[Hendercrazy]: Art of Derek Henderson (Art Gallery/Art Store), Dark_Horizons (Art Print/Art Process), Perfect_Balance (Art Print), Another_Year_of_Torture (Art Print), Spazznik (Webcomic)


[Jitter]: for spARTa, jitter progress
[Ms. Steel]: And so it goes (Various and sundry illustrations. Links to my other art-related wikis are at the top of the page)


[jaraden]: Jaraden's drawings (Pencil Artwork)


[Kuramasgirl]: MC's Art Menagerie (Art Gallery; lots of horses)

[Kyrinn]: Artwork by Kyrinn fantasy art, traditionally done and computer work. Mostly traditional.



[Malnu]: Malnu's Art

[moira hawthorne]: Hawthorne's Elftown Art (a good starting place (has links to others if you show an interest))


[nathie]: [new -->]EmpiresNeverLast_Artbook
nathies digital paintings (older artwork) nathies digital paintings2(not so old artwork)

[nehirwen]: Nehirwens Art (mainpage), Nehirwens Photomanipulations

[Nioniel]: Melissa's Stock Images 2010, Tea Bag Buddies



[Pnelma Tirian] - Pnelma's Art (Artwork)



[Ramirez] - Ramirez's Art (Artwork/Writing)

[Ravendust] - Ravendust's Art (Art)

[Rice] - Rice's Art Gallery

[Ravenclaw] Dice Bags by: Ravenclaw (chainmail)


[Serwa] - Art by SirWaka (ART)


[Triola] - Trin's Art (Artwork)

[Bipolar Nonsense] - Art Gallery of A, United Artists, & The Creative Minds of Elftown

[The Last Dragoon] - Deadeye



[Veltzeh] – Veltzeh's pictures (Illustrations)


[wicked fae mage]-sketches wiki, more sketches wiki, nikkis newer drawings (I do draw some suggestive things)...a super wiki page (A few of my stories)



[Yncke] - Per'Bat (Comic)

[Yami]: Cat's art (Art, original and fan stuff...I need a scanner to update this :( )



[*Phoenix*] - (art/poems/stories), April's Characters, April's Photos

Regular Username Changers

Thanks to all who've signed up so far! You can help spread the word by posting a return link back to here from your art wiki(s)! You may use one of the title header images below as well if you wish! Also, be sure to fan this wiki page so a link will show up in your Elftown houses! If you know anyone else that has an art wiki... feel free to encourage them to join. :D



Other Art Wiki related places:
Sunny Featured Art - Featured art chosen by [Sunrose]!
Voila! - Find crits and comments on your art compliments of [NOOOPE]!
What's an Artist? - Give your opinion!
What's an Artist? Funny Edition! - Come laugh and add your own!
Featured Art Archive - Official Elftown page of featured art!
Reflection_Infinity - Art Community
Art Supplies Trove! - Get the skinny on art supplies!
Artisans' Guild - For those of you who are creative with crafts!

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2010-05-12 [Veltzeh]: Sure, I'm active there, though I make few pictures I want to publish there nowadays. I do upload whenever I remember though. Not sure what the newest update is...

2010-05-12 [Serwa]: I have an elfwood account, i'm not active on there though.
And just because of this question I just remembered I had another work to upload there.
And I'm not sure what latest update you are refering to.

2010-05-12 [Hendercrazy]: The newest update I guess I'm talking about is the newest major changes, features and look to the site. Back about a year ago or so.

2010-05-12 [Serwa]: Ahh okay, well, I think I use the site too little to judge that, but I think I dont use the site so much because it doesnt feel inviting.. too cluttered.
I only started to use elfwood again last year, after not visiting atleast 3 years or so, so cant really compare :)

It's pretty strict on the fantasy theme, it feels a bit too moderated. the queues to get the drawings published are pretty long, and well, it doesnt really capture me. But I do apreciate the site. I dont think I would recommend it to artist friends though.

2010-05-13 [Chel.]: "It's pretty strict on the fantasy theme, it feels a bit too moderated. the queues to get the drawings published are pretty(VERY) long, and well, it doesnt really capture me. But I do appreciate the site. I dont think I would recommend it to artist friends though."

I agree.

2010-05-13 [*Phoenix*]: With the new changes stuff is published almost the next day. And there is a section now for non-fantasy things...They've definitely tried to open it up some more.
When was the last time you were there?

2010-05-13 [moira hawthorne]: 'published almost the next day' ???
that still sounds like alot of fuss and bother... when you can put your art on DA. I can put my art up there in moments... no wait!
and no 12 yr olds telling me my art isnt fantasy enough for their taste

2010-05-13 [Kyrinn]: Are they still doing the old ticket system? Gah, no wonder Ive not bothered wtih that site any more. Got an alert saying they had finally published my last submission a few months back, like 1 year AFTER I did it. >.< There are so many other art based sites that allow you to have your art up in seconds, not days, weeks, or months. And as far as I know, have 'mods' like EW, so why cant they follow that example? They would probably get better reception for it.

2010-05-13 [Chel.]: 2003 ...

2010-05-13 [Veltzeh]: And the old ticket system is gone, now people just have to make sure there aren't any technical problems with the picture.

2010-05-13 [Serwa]: Last time I was there was yesterday, to upload a new work.
It takes an average of 5 days before a work get published.
I've uploaded a drawing so once every while in the past months.

There indeed is a section for non-fantasy art, that is quite an improvement, as you say to open it up some more.

I agree with Kyrinn, sites like deviantart and gfxartist will have your drawings published within a matter of seconds.
From an artist point of view, you want your work to be on the web, receive comments on it - get feedback. You dont want to wait almost a week, or longer! to finally have your work published.
We are on the internet, everything goes fast nowadays, people are spoiled, and then there is one website that is stubborn, and is trying to take all you know of the internet away and take you 8 years back into time internet-wise.

The way it goes now is that people who actively use elftown get +points for succesfully added works. And because of those +points they will get a higher priority position in the queue to get your works published.
Very nice if you are that active artist on elfwood.
But if you are new, or an irregular visitor, it's pretty damn annoyign to have to wait extra long.
It's annoying to wait in the first place already, since they can also moderate it after publishing.
But they just hve to be North Korean about it all.

2010-05-13 [Sunrose]: [Hendercrazy], here's the note you asked me to post: there's a new feature on Sunny Featured Art ^_^'

2010-05-13 [Kyrinn]: I have visited the site since the change over but not submitted anything. Ill admit it looks better but I have a funny feeling the submitting is still a pain in the butt. Art sites have mods to monitor submissions and 'police' them according to the site rules, so I really think making an artist go through a mod before submitting anything is counter productive.  But then, thats just me. :P

2010-05-14 [Hendercrazy]: Thanks [Sunrose]! :) I hope more folks feel free to announce any updates they might have on their wikis. I've noticed that there's been a bit more activity and comments of folks wikis... so that's good to see. :D

2010-05-14 [Hendercrazy]: The reason why I was asking all of you about Elfwood is because I'm also going to be updating there again soon. Like many of the current features and overall feel/vibe there again. In fact, I'm planning on mentioning Elftown in the image description of every new image I post there. Perhaps over time... it'll bring a few fellow Elfwood artists and fans here. :)

2010-05-15 [*Phoenix*]: The whole point of Elfwood is for FANTASY artists, not just anything you want to draw you can put up. Therefore they have the mods there in place because of that fact. They don't want a picture of, let's say, a lion; they want a fantasy winged lion. They aren't meant to be like Deviantart and other places where you can post ALL of your work.

If you don't like that, the don't publish at Elfwood. Simple as that.

2010-05-15 [Serwa]: No need to get all heated.
They can also have a little trust in people, and let them upload and publish right away.
And mod it afterwards. This way it will feel like theres a little more freedom, and will make it more attractive for more fantasy artists to post works there.
Because right now people are staying away because the queues suck. It's as simple really.
Visitors could even tag nonfantasy items for fast removal. But since there's also the 'other works tab' there should be no big issues.

So wether it is for Fantasy Only or not is not the case, the queues are just not really necesary, and give a very north korean feeling to what should be an openminded artist community.

The problem is not with the fact that I want to draw lions,
no need to explain to me what Elfwood is.
The queues suck, and are not necesary is all I been saying.
Elfwood is fantasy themed and should stay fantasy themed.
You make it sounds like I want it to be a 2nd Deviant art.
Deviantart was only mentioned to show that it is possible to run an art site without queues.

2010-05-15 [wicked fae mage]: For me, Elftown lets me upload sketches weather they're realistic or fantasy with no judgment if I don't ask for it and there's no need to publish or queue anything. Though, I'm also not a big time painter or photo manipulator...mostly writing here.

Though I'm not a fan of Deviantart and other sites like that because of the ridiculous amount of effort needed to become a member. I sat there for three hours one night trying to be a Deviantart member, but it kept erroring me, telling me my email was wrong no matter how many times I typed it or a million other problems.

So if somebody's hoping to traffic more visitors either way, or members either way, those are a few problems I've run into and what generally keep me from a website as pointers.

2010-05-15 [Flisky]: It's supposed to be fantasy and sci-fi. It always has been. But for some of us, we like to post everything we make. That's why I prefer to upload here on ET instead. There is no queue, and I can upload whatever I want. ^_^

2010-05-15 [wicked fae mage]: Except pR0n and stolen art!

2010-05-15 [Flisky]: Well, the pROn depends on the wiki. And if it's original art work. <img:44166_1164144907.gif>

But of course not stolen art.

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